male hair


The 10 Years Guardian [Male Hair]
Ten years of guardian and Eternal Love.--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Arrow [Male Hair]
It makes your heart pure and clear--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Basher [Male Hair]
Very similar to one famous swordsman's--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Blizzard [Male Hair]
You can feel the pressure from the coming winter!--provided by Morroc Barbershop

The Elite Adventurer [Male Hair]
A hairstyle that seems to be able to break all barriers!

The Fighter [Male Hair]
A hairstyle once worn by some brilliant martial artist.--provided by Al De Baran Barbershop

The Fire Pilar [Male Hair]
The prettiest hairstyle of the era…!--provided by Payon Barbershop

The Fire Ring [Male Hair]
It gives off a great passion!--provided by The Glast Heim Barbershop

The Fissure [Male Hair]
A hairstyle that got strength to split the hurricane!

The Flash [Male Hair]
Looking at this, You feel kicked five times…?--provided by Geffen Barbershop

The Honey [Male Hair]
It grants honey's mysterious power!--provided by Glast Heim Barbershop

The Ice [Male Hair]
Your eyes will be locked on the hair!--provided by Payon Barbershop

The Jacket [Male Hair]
The wearer seems wrapped by a mysterious force!--provided by Geffen Barbershop

The Light Shield [Male Hair]
You can feel protected by the light.--provided by Al De Baran Barbershop

The Monster Haircut [Male Hair]
Many people will fall in love with this style at the first sight!--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Poison [Male Hair]
The wearer seems poisoned.--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Retaliation [Male Hair]
The wearer is able to launch very powerful strikes!--provided by Geffen Barbershop

The Spiral [Male Hair]
You can tell the wearer's outstanding attack power!--provided by Geffen Barbershop

The Tech [Male Hair]
You can feel the wearer is quietly waiting for his prey to get closer! --provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Thunderbolt [Male Hair]
The wearer seems hit by the thunder somewhere!--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Wind [Male Hair]
A hairstyle that's as unruly as going against the wind!