Bubble Duck Cart [Cart]
A cart very popular since its release, featuring a leisurely, relaxing air. It's often at the risk of being stolen for its unusual cuteness. In the form of a bathtub, it reminds people of a lazy day at home. Approach it and the floating yellow duck will wink at you, "Quack? Quack, quack? Take me wit

Cart [Cart]
The primary cart. You can use it after you turn into a merchant.

Cat Cart [Cart]
The cat's handcart does not have nails in it. It depends on the uniquely designed skeleton structure of the cat carpenters. There are cute lucky cats in the car, which will bring good luck to users! It can be used after acquiring the skill [Change Cart] at Lv.5.

Light Cart [Cart]
The wood cart designed by Carpenter Wood uses 100-year-old eucalyptus as a raw material. It is tough and durable for long-distance running adventurers, Reducing the load on the road. It can be used after acquiring the skill [Change Cart] at Lv.5.

Shining Poring Cart [Cart]
This treasure is the pride and joy of the Poring Kingdom. A 100% pure gold cart. Originally a treasure chest passed down in the Poring clan, it was transformed into this shape by a mysterious blacksmith. Besides countless gold and silver, it also accommodates a gold statue of the king. A symbol of w