female hair


The 10 Years Accompany [Female Hair]
Ten years of company, don't forget why you started.--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Angel [Female Hair]
The wearer can exert the strength that has been blessed by angels!--provided by Geffen Barbershop

The Blessing [Female Hair]
May good fortune be with you~

The Chef [Female Hair]
A warm style that cures hearts all the time!--provided by Geffen Barbershop

The Circle [Female Hair]
A mysterious hairstyle that provides a sense of security!--provided by Geffen Barbershop

The Cross [Female Hair]
It adopts the holy light!--provided by Al De Baran Barbershop

The Eagle [Female Hair]
An attractive hairstyle that can be seen from afar--provided by Payon Barbershop

The Elite Adventurer [Female Hair]
Tinkle~ You have been revived~~!Please keep on fighting!

The Evasions [Female Hair]
Change to this hairstyle and you'll feel very agile at once…?--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Flee [Female Hair]
The wearer must be highly skilled!--provided by Al De Baran Barbershop

The Frozen [Female Hair]
It gives you warmth in the cold weather.--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Goddess Kiss [Female Hair]
A hairstyle that's as gentle and graceful as a goddess!

The Healer [Female Hair]
It can heal your heart!--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Light Hunt [Female Hair]
A sparkling hairstyle that brightens up the area around the wearer!--provided by Payon Barbershop

The Love Baby [Female Hair]
It is also known as the BABY stars shine bright!--provided by Geffen Barbershop

The Magic [Female Hair]
You can feel more strength in your hands!--provided by The Glast Heim Barbershop

The Monk [Female Hair]
Lock your eyes on it and you'll feel peaceful and comfortable--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Natural [Female Hair]
A beautiful one that distracts and confuses others!--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Speedy [Female Hair]
The wearer can rapidly wave the hands!--provided by Glast Heim Barbershop

The Strike [Female Hair]
You can feel electric current in the smooth lines…?--provided by Prontera Barbershop

The Swordsman [Female Hair]
No one can resist the urge to touch it twice.--provided by Morroc Barbershop

The Witch [Female Hair]
Humph~If you dare to bully me, I will turn your weapon into a frog!