Mentor License [Collectible]
Issued by the Adventurer's Guild of Rune-Midgard, This signifies an instructor has endowed responsibility and honor on an individual. From today, a cute Novice will be handed over to you for teaching!

Acme's Cookie Man [Collectible]
The Cookie Man made by Acme. It looks almost the same as a real cookie on which even children's bite marks can be found. The toy made by Acme for his foster children was taken for a real cookie.

Acme's Cruiser [Collectible]
The cruiser made by Acme. It looks strong and powerful. The toy made by Acme, the alchemist, for his foster children was preserved perfectly.

Acme's Gift Chest [Collectible]
A gift box made by Acme. It will play clear music when opened. Though Acme did not really like the two children he adopted, he made toys and gift boxes for them as his teacher wanted him to do.

Alchemy Stone [Collectible]
This is a broken slate, engraved with esoteric alchemy runes which seem to be part of an alchemy array. But it is now difficult to dope out the entire alchemy array based on the incomplete runes. This slate should be from the tomb of Nikola.

Alice's Insignia [Collectible]
"The captain Harvey of the White Knights sent me this badge yesterday. I was excited. Although I expected him to show something, this sudden surprise still made me feel surprised."

Alloy Ring [Collectible]
A love token from Freyr, the Sun God. Freyr asked Skirnir to introduce him to Gilda because he loved her so much. Skirnir agreed. Freyr brought the alloy ring, his love token, To the north.

Amila's Diary [Collectible]
"This armor looks cumbersome, but I still believe it will protect me and protect the castle. Then Amila, come on!" - Amila

Antler Shard [Collectible]
The Antler Shard of a giant deer. The shard containing faint power of the Sun God was used by Freyr, the Sun God, To fight against the Fire Giant temporarily on Ragnarok for he lost his Victory Sword.

Ape Ritual Burial Urn [Collectible]
Ritual burial urn in the form of an ape head. It stories the Pharaoh of Pharaohs's lung and is kept in the Pyramid as part of the Resurrection Ceremony. The Doppelganger priest had a pet Yoyo for watching this relic. However, when it came to the Yoyos, nothing couldn't be solved with a Tropical Bana

Archangel Wing [Collectible]
Legend has it that it was generated from the wings of Valkyries who died in the Ragnarok, symbolizing eternity and mythology. To this day, there is still some holy magical power of Valkyries.

Azure Ring [Collectible]
“Emily, will you marry me?” “I will!” Carlson carefully lifted Emily’s veil, and the two looked at each other. They both had so much that they wanted to say.” Carlson, I have something I want to give you. Carlson gently touched Emily's face: “First, let me give you something.” Carlson lifted Emily’s

Azure Star [Collectible]
A pearl with a faint blue luster. It shines like a star, blue like the ocean. They say that whoever has this pearl can get the treasures of the sea. When Emily’s ancestors obtained this pearl, they didn’t know what they had found, and so they locked it in a chest and passed it down from generation t

Back Pointer [Collectible]
Nothing can resist time that can devour everything. On this day, Bernard, Nixie, Rasag, Haitings, and Hayler joined hands and entered the Clock Tower. But they encountered the Time Dominator. How should they choose?

Bag with Diamond [Collectible]
Rip the front of the String Bear. A small coffee-colored bag is found inside. The bag seems to be very common, but is actually very heavy. In fact, There are four small pockets of diamonds inside. Every pocket has a name stitched on it. There is only one diamond in the leader's and Rick's pockets re

Banana cream [Collectible]
Despite its name, it's actually a milky fruit jam made with bananas. It's not known how Yoyo combined banana and milk together so perfectly. A rare superb dessert ingredient. Flies at the west gate has always been the No. 1 threat to bananas. Killing flies is the best way to become closer with Yoyo.

Bergman’s Hunting Rifle [Collectible]
A reputed monster hunter in the Hunter's Guild, Germann was born with a great intuition about hunting. Whenever he hears a satisfied roar, a bad feeling develops in his heart. He followed the footprints all the way to the wooden cabin. The scene made this experienced hunter vomit. In awful disorder,

Big Cat's Card [Collectible]
A New Year's card from the Big Cat. Hey, adventurers. The bell of the New Year has rung, and we cats wish everyone a happy new year and a good Year of the Rooster! This is the first Chinese New Year festival we have ever had together. In 2017, We want to be with everyone in a lot of festivals. At pr

Big Cat's Card [Collectible]
A New Year's card from the Big Cat. Hey, adventurers. The bell of the New Year has rung, and we cats wish everyone a happy new year and a good Year of the Rooster! This is the first Chinese New Year festival we have ever had together. In 2017, We want to be with everyone in a lot of festivals. At pr

Bitter Jelly Bean [Collectible]
Grundy was a child labor of a lord. The lord liked the clever boy very much. Every time Grundy finished his work, the lord would give him a handful of sweet jelly beans as a reward. But Grundy did not like hard work. He wanted the reward even when he did no work, so asked his shadow to work for him.

Black and white piano keys [Collectible]
The black and white keys from Stefanie's first piano. They've already yellowed a bit, but Stefanie sees it as a treasure. Every piece of on-stage success takes off-stage work. Stefanie loves music, and practiced piano from a young age. With the support of her parents, she's worked hard to get where

Black Cat Bell [Collectible]
Jingle jingle jingle~ the bell made a crisp sound, and the witch knew that her black cat was coming. The black cat jumped on her shoulder and licked her cheek affectionately. The witch smiled happily. She open the door to see the moonlight, but she knew not the misfortune that awaited her outside.

Black Samurai Badge [Collectible]
After Edward became the Black Samurai, Nika's necklace became his unique black samurai badge under the influence of his dark power. He believed that light and darkness were determined by a thought. He had dark power, but his heart was longing for light. His mission was completed in the offensive cam

Bloodstained Red Hat [Collectible]
This hat has turned even more red from it’s owners blood. The world won't go easy on you just because of your innocence and naivety. Beasts lurk in the darkness, waiting for their prey. And there is no clear distinction between hunter and prey here in the ancient Misty Forest. If you do not want to

Bloody Curse [Collectible]
The favorite gemstone of Dracula which is bloody and full of cursing power. Usually, after Dracula's bloodsucking, he would use a drop of human blood to imbue the gemstone. Over time, this gemstone named Bloody Curse is more evil.

Blue Cap [Collectible]
This is a dark blue pointed hat with many yellow stars on it, symbolizing the Mage's magic power gained from the starry sky. It is one of the symbols of the Gray-robed Wizard.

Broken armor [Collectible]
When the evil Doppelgangers descended from the sky, Captain Aldrich directed the knights to face the enemy. The fierce battle swept through every corner of the Clock Tower. The heroic warriors of the kingdom fell into the blood continuously, and ran over the demons.

Broken Clock·12 O'clock [Collectible]
Those who are treacherous and cunning are easy to be abandoned. Bernard was such a person. In order to strengthen his strength, He came to the Clock Tower. Under the intervention of the Time Dominator, He could only greet his own death. The Deviruchi personally used the power of magic to send the Ma

Broken Clock·3 O'clock [Collectible]
Arrogance and conceit make one easy to manipulate, one such as Rasag. If he were willing to go with Bernard, if he were willing to apologize to the Deviruchi, if he were willing to join forces with other dead to fight against the Time Dominator, maybe he would't be tortured and die. His arrogance an

Broken Clock·6 O'clock [Collectible]
Those who are greedy are easy to be bribed. Nixie was such a person. Nixie took three wooden boxes and embarked on the road to escape. The three heavy wooden boxes were always impeding him. But he was not willing to let them go. He had a fluke mind, Thought that the nightmare would chase the other p

Broken Clock·9 O'clock [Collectible]
Those who are violent and admiring violence are easy to be dragged down. Haitings was such a person. The violent people are always like this, thinking that violence can solve everything. But in reality, violence only produces more violence. Those who abuse violence will eventually fall in front of s

Broken Necklace [Collectible]
A necklace given to Nika by Edward, which was broken in a monster attack. Edward drew the monsters away alone, and Nika successfully escaped the encirclement of the monsters, but Edward never returned.

Broken Rope [Collectible]
Carlis left from Gulton's cabin. She did not expect the Royal Affairs Officer to wait for her at the door. The officer hanged her for the reason that she was suspected of carrying plague.

Broken Stele [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case XI] Princess Cassandra's tombstone. She died in an infectious disease. Her last days was very lonely and miserable. Nobody but one maid kept her company and took care of her. On the tombstone is her epitaph, "May forgiveness bring warmth like the fire. May

Bronze Mirror [Collectible]
Olivia had a pair of big eyes. Mads was her childhood friend. One day, Mads brought Olivia outside the city to see stars, but encountered a thunderstorm. Both their carriage and themselves fell into a cold lake. Mads died due to the accident, while Olivia became blind. When she woke up in a hospital

Brunhilde Flame [Collectible]
The Stardust Glow·Flame: Brynhildr is a Valkyrie. Many ballads and folk songs about her poignant love with Sigurd are popular among the people. The lyrics described how Odin's flames around Brynhilder couldn't stop Sigurd's love for her. The beginning of their love was romantic and beautiful but not

Butterfly Phosphor Crystal [Collectible]
A crystal with the phosphorus powder of Night Butterflies. It is luminous at night. The crystal with phosphorescence of butterflies was made by an ardent adventurer whom a pretty dancer requested him to catch dark butterflies at midnight in Christmas Village and make the crystal.

Caesar Plate [Collectible]
This is a golden plate engraved with esoteric and incomprehensible characters. There are square holes on the surface of the plate. There are also characters in the holes. If you look closely, You will find that it is actually made up of two gold plates. The gold plate can be rotated so that the squa

Campus Branch [Collectible]
Krampus was a half-goat half-demon monster that usually appeared on the Christmas Eve. It would inspect each and every child in the Christmas village and place a birch branch outside the bad kids' door. That night, children would check their shoes or boots outside the house, trembling with fear, to

candy corn [Collectible]
Trick or treat! Trick or treat! The way children see candy is sometimes confounding for adults. If a child knocks on your door in the middle of the night asking for candy, you'd best give it to them. Otherwise, nobody can guarantee that you will sleep soundly that night...

Cellar Key [Collectible]
It's said that there is a haunted mountain villa in Skellington. The owner of the villa is a strange doctor. His lover died one day from a fright. The grieving doctor put the body of his lover in a freezer and locked himself in the basement. At the same time, the villa began to receive guests, and t

Chancellor's Pocket Watch [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case XIII] chancellor Odysseus' pocket watch. He cherished it dearly. It was allegedly a relic of his wife. The chancellor always checked time on it during his busy schedule and never left it aside. However, it is not with the chancellor's body. Did someone stea

Chest Key [Collectible]
An exquisite golden key that opens Emily’s family chest. The night before the wedding, Emily’s father gave the key to her and told her that the chest contains a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation - a dark blue pearl. Emily was her only daughter, and this key was

Christmas Bell [Collectible]
An exquisite bell is picked up around a Christmas Tree by Fat Bear from Gingerbread City. The bell has a clear sound if being shaken and will tinkle and jingle if you wear it when dancing.

Classified document [Collectible]
Classified document about some experiment of Rekenber Corporation. It has been damaged thus its content can't be accessed. The gas released by the field experiment machine has long been proved causing human body fester plague by experiments. But I didn't know it would be this bad... The company and

Clock Tower Story·Destruction [Collectible]

Clock Tower Story·Knell [Collectible]
Nixie was greedy, so he was bribed by Bernard. Rasag was arrogant and conceited, so he was used by Bernard. Haitings was violent and advocated violence, so he was eventually dragged to death by the endless monsters. Bernard was treacherous and cunning, Leaving no room, so he was abandoned after the

Clock Tower Story·Nightmare [Collectible]
In the long time, Due to the strange phenomenon of the Clock Tower, there had been countless brave explorers who had entered the Clock Tower, but all the explorations are fruitless, because no one could get out of it after entering. Gipetto and his companions, Like other explorers, Embarked on a jou

Clock Tower Story·Phantom [Collectible]
Time is the soil for all achievements in the world. Time gives pain to the dreamers and happiness to the creators. Desley is a creator, He was creating a signpost to safety. He decided to act as a ghost and expel those who stumbled into it. He was also brave. In order to save Archie Soren, He was st

Cloud crisp [Collectible]
Miraculous pastry fallen from heaven near the Prontera West Gate. It is named the Cloud Crisp after its resemblance to the clouds. Take a bite and you'll feel how fluffy and refreshing it is. The sweet taste will linger in your mouth. Jehel the clouding chaser who discovered the Cloud Crisp is a sec

Concealed Mask [Collectible]
When everyone thought that Arlen was killed by the raging monsters, he appeared in the fierce battlefield somehow, took advantage of the fierce battle and quietly took away the Yimir Heart Shard. He was eager to be a powerful man, and the powerful energy contained in the Yimir Heart was exactly what

Coyote ritual burial urn [Collectible]
Ritual burial urn in the form of a Coyote head. It stories the Pharaoh of Pharaohs's stomach and is kept in the Pyramid as part of the Resurrection Ceremony. The Doppelganger Priest cast a curse on Prince Anubis for objecting his father and turned him into a bloodthirsty monster with a coyote head,

Crimson Charm [Collectible]
Crimson Charm made from advanced magic, it emits a feel of agitation, something sinister must be sealed in it.

Crown [Collectible]
[The Book of Jealousy - Truth] Carlson Zander's wild ambition continued growing. In the end, he locked his eyes on that dazzling crown. Under the glorious appearance was a withered soul. His goodness vanished. He became grim and cruel like a real devil. The terminal point of greed is usually death.

Crystal Shard [Collectible]
A recording crystal that enshrines Morrison and Gani’s love. With the death of Gani, the energy in the crystal was also gone, Becoming a luxurious crystal Shardt.

Cursed Magic Bow [Collectible]
Ecklen once wanted to be a true Mage. He didn't have the talent. Fortunately, he had a good archery, and the days were still going. Until an adventure, Ecklen got a magic bow that could add powerful magic on the arrow. Ecklen was ecstatic. Every time using the power of the magic bow, a bit of Ecklen

Cute Bag [Collectible]
This adorable handbag is full of delicious fruit, bread, and a bottle of homemade wine. The scene of that girl carrying her bag in the forest is like an old oil painting. It’s slowly becoming clearer in my mind. The owner of the bag definitely went to visit someone she cherished. I really hope that

Damaged Helm [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case II] General Eserus's helmet with a long, deep knife mark. It is a mark of shame from a fight with a baron. Later, the general was titled the Ice Blade by Princess Cassandra for his skills in warfare and coolness. She left another mark on the helmet. It's no

Damaged Pocket Watch [Collectible]
Jörmungandr made the monsters in the Clock Tower more powerful, They constantly forced the guardians to stay away from the Gold Clock. Only then could Jörmungandr be able to use the Yimir Heart inside the Gold clock to accelerate the transformation of time and space. At this moment in this mysteriou

Dan's Secret Letter [Collectible]
Tear the Stuffed Bear. A letter is sealed inside. It is written on the letter that "leader, Your wife, Karl and I are siblings. We should not believe Rick. Though he often fawns over you, He is not one of our family. I know you do not really believe him. A few days later, I will come to meet you. Da

Dancing Mask [Collectible]
There is a castle in the town, the master of whom is an elegant gentleman. He was engaged to a lady of a wealthy family in the town, and so he held a masquerade ball in order to announce the news. Carlson took a mask that he made and went to the castle to join the masquerade ball. From behind his ma

Dark Chain [Collectible]
Although the sacrifice of the desperate priest was stopped, Laurell Weinder's soul was still under the control of Dark Lord. Taking advantage of Laurell Weinder's weakness, Dark Lord split his soul into pieces. Warlock Morgan found Laurell Weinder's soul was in his unstable spiritual world. The vang

Dark Core Nucleus [Collectible]
Edward, who had no choice but to escape, came to a cave. Something in the cave seemed to be deterring the monsters. They did not dare to get close to the cave. Edward continually went deep into the cave and found a huge corpse. In the corpse, he found a core with a fascinating aroma. Because of hung

Dark Notes [Collectible]
The vanguard troop of the alliance found a couple entered the Dark Notes by mistake when they investigated the Glast Heim. They were sealed in the notes of Evil Druid and couldn't escape. The vanguard troop started their rescue right away. The rescued two people offered information from the center o

Death Toll [Collectible]
Those who are weak and dependent on others are easily deceived, just like Hayler.Despite with the help of the Time Dominator, Hayler revenged. But in fact, Hayler was still a weak person. He was not relying on his own strength to come to the Time Dominator and revenge. Facing the Death Toll, he had

Demon Four-leaf Clover [Collectible]
Emma, a duke’s daughter, was an arrogant girl. People all liked to stay around little Emma for the duke spoiled her. She owned all delicious food and interesting toys. Emma wanted a Four-leaf Clover, but could not buy one at the market. The duke gave an order to shovel all the grass around to find F

Demon Helmet [Collectible]
In parallel time and space, Gipetto and his companions smoothly entered the depths of the Clock Tower. The ferocious monsters tried to stop them, but everything was in vain. Looking at the twisted time and space and the raging energy fluctuations in the Clock Tower, Gipetto was fearless. The expedit

Desley's Ring [Collectible]
The power of time is unpredictable, and the black hole of time tells the past. The good friend ot them, Scott, Suddenly disappeared in the second floor of the Clock Tower. In a few days, the Clock Tower came out with a legend about a ghost. Archie Soren believed that the ghost was Scott. However, Mo

Devil Gold Dust [Collectible]
Marc's grandfather was so seriously ill that Marc had to summon demon and said he would gave demon 1, 000 kilograms of gold dust if his grandfather recovered. Demon cured Marc's grandfather with magic. After his grandfather recovered, Marc did not thank demon with real gold dust. Instead, He burned

Devil Smile [Collectible]
A magical orb with the magic of tempting and depraving all the mindless. After a long-term breeding by the demon, Its power is more and more powerful. But in the hands of those who have no dark power but are determined, it can only be regarded as a trove.

Dew Jam [Collectible]
Jam made with the morning dew from the Prontera West Gate. Dew evaporate quickly under the rising sun. It's very difficult to collect dew to make this jam. 4 dew fairies are said to be collecting dew at the west gate. Pass their test to get their precious jam.

Dilapidated cart [Collectible]
Among the group of young and able miners, there was one small figure pushing a cart that was only one head shorter than himself to transport ores outside. The boy called Lanier was from a village nearby. His mother was ill most of the time and his father alone supported the entire family. An acciden

Dolly's Arrow [Collectible]
A native of Payon, Dolly was just another average country girl until one day she revealed her extraordinary talent in archery. Dolly became a hunter and left home to explore the world. On the way, she met three reliable friends and the four of them formed an adventurous squad of justice and bravery.

Dolly's Bow [Collectible]
This bow made of some ancient tree from Payon has a faint red color. Still strong with tenacity after such a long time, it must have been taken very good care of by its master. But now this bow has only a bare body left. No one will ever pluck its string again. No one knows that once upon a time, a

Dragon Bone Flute [Collectible]
A flute carved out of an ancient dragon remains. The melogy performed by this is blessed by an ancient spell. In Morroc, there was once a poor bard secretly in love with his partner, the gorgeous dancer Mara. For Mara, he found the spirit lamp that was believed to be able to fulfill any wish. Madly

Dreamy Seaweed [Collectible]
One of the Four Ocean Ultimate Treasures that represents perseverance. With natural protective power, it can resist most magic and attacks. However, it is afraid of sea salt.

Dress Necktie [Collectible]
Wilk fixed his necktie and stood by the castle gate, full of energy, watching the bride approach step by step. Emily's face was hidden behind the veil, so he could not see her expression. But Wilk thought that she must be very happy. Just as was about to reach out his hand to Emily, a young man stoo

Eight Heroes' Valor [Collectible]
The God of Disasters brought down the disaster, and Glast Heim was ruined. He asked them to surrender the souls of the eight strong men to calm down the disaster. The king declared publicly and sent eight powerful and mighty soldiers in the city. The eight soldiers knew that they would never come ba

Elder's Crutch [Collectible]
Crutch once used by an elder of an Einbroch village. It's covered by marks of time. As a witness of the Einbroch Field's history, the elder harbored hatred towards a company that had been developing industrial projects without restraint. The streams where their children once played in have become fi

Elinise's Four-leaf Clover [Collectible]
"I didn't expect to find the Four-leaf Clover here. I saw it last time in the southern forest of my hometown. So exciting! Well, I saw Sumina secretly bought a purple dye today. Does she want to dye her hair to the same color as me? I hate it, I don’t like others to learn me." - Elinise

Emerald Ring [Collectible]
Emerald is the symbol of love and life, so this ring's owner must one of love and peace.

Eternal Flower [Collectible]
A flower from Alfheim, Abode of the alfar. The flower was an unfading one preserved in a bottle made by the Sun God as his present for Gilda at their first meeting.

Eternal Rose [Collectible]
“Ah, dear rose, you must grow up quickly.” Wilk cut his wrists and let the blood flow into the dirt. He mumbled: “Once you grow up, I can propose to Emily.” The gentle moonlight came in through the window, but he hid himself in the shadows. “Azure Star... My treasure...” He took back his hand and wi

Evil Aura [Collectible]
Muramasa once studied kendo following a famous master, but he was angry because his master preferred his senior fellow apprentice. He murdered his own master and senior fellow apprentice. Because of the guilt, he commited seppuku and his hate turned into a sinister spirit.

Exquisite Crystal [Collectible]
One of the Four Ocean Ultimate Treasures that represents transparency. It can disperse the dirt at the depths of the sea. Carry it for a prolonged period and the wearer's heart will be purified slowly.

Exquisite quill [Collectible]
Quill pen that made from feathers of harpy, users will never feel even the slightest sense of weariness when writing with this pen.

Faded Earth Spirit [Collectible]
One of the three divine stones guarded by Wormtails, Representing the power of goodmanner and growth. However, because human beings were ruining the environment, the pollution of the environment affected the Earth Spirits in their land. Under the erosion of pollutants, the Earth Spirits were no long

Faded Water Spirit [Collectible]
One of the three divine stones guarded by Wormtails, Representing the power of life and nourishment. However, because human beings were ruining the environment, the pollution of the environment affected the Water Spirits in their land. Under the erosion of pollutants, the Water Spirits were no longe

Faded Wood Spirit [Collectible]
One of the three divine stones guarded by Wormtails, Representing the power of vitality and nature. However, because human beings were ruining the environment, the pollution of the environment affected the Wood Spirits in their land. Under the erosion of pollutants, the Wood Spirits were no longer p

Falcon ritual burial urn [Collectible]
Ritual burial urn in the form of a falcon head. It stories the Pharaoh of Pharaohs's intestine and is kept in the Pyramid as part of the Resurrection Ceremony. The Pharaoh of Pharaohs cast an evil spell to transform his royal guards into a wicked dead legion to protect this instrument. After hundred

Fantasy Leaf [Collectible]
There are many mysterious arrows and symbols including a map in a strange shape and some marks of treasure.

Fate Card [Collectible]
In the past, There was a Mage who knew the past and the future, but he did not get the king's high regard. He predicted the destruction of Glast Heim and was still chased by the kingdom. He left behind a sorrowful card of destiny and disappeared. People have never seen him after then.

File No. 17 [Collectible]
This file will never be copied and is sealed for every. Doctor Batescliffe is guilty of murdering the master of the Whisper Villa and responsible for his daughter's death of excessive startle. He performed some foreign evil magic to infuse a monster into her body, creating a double-faced witch who w

Filthy Corolla [Collectible]
After Gultom was expelled from the city by the kingdom, Carlis took the trouble to find Gultom and questioned whether Gultom had abandoned her. When she saw Gutom's disgusting plague, she realized everything.

Fire Bird Egg [Collectible]
Lulu had no big dreams in life. He loved to taste different food though the fire elves didn't need to eat. Ordinary food couldn't satisfy Lulu anymore. It began to eat special items. Something no one else had tried before. It turned its attention to the Fire Elf's neighbour fire bird. Lulu thought i

Fire Crystal Ball [Collectible]
The Fire Crystal Ball was owned by Hills, the only prophet in the Fire Elves clan. Resembling the crystal ball used by human wizards, not by chance, the Fire Crystal Ball was actually made by Hills based on crystal balls. The Fire Crystal Ball's outer shell was made of a very special crystal which c

Fire Feather Bow [Collectible]
Archeress Cara was the best among all the archers in the Fire Elves clan. She never missed a target. Very proud of her skills, she often showed off her bow in front of other Fire Elves. Cara sneaked into a human town and threatened a weapon craftsman to get this bow. Cara brought back the bow she ha

Fire of Fox [Collectible]
The witch Ida Chin took the fox back to her shrine only to see a group of wraith. They were very surprised why there was wraith in the holy Ida Shrine. In fact, the wraith were the bait released by the other witches of the Ida family to test the identity of fox.

Fire Pattern Insignia [Collectible]
This insignia was a talisman given to each Deviruchi in the Deviruchi clan. It contains some dark power. This Fire Pattern Insignia is upgraded with some flame power. Its original attribute has been changed but its guardian power is still there. The Fire Pattern Insignia is surrounded by an orange f

Fire Spell Scroll [Collectible]
Wizard Ryder was a fire elf who doesn't get along with others. Busy with the humans' various fire-type spells, he was isolated as a result. The Fire Elves hated the humans and their environmental pollution. The fire elves were in possession of the purest fire elemental power. How could they ever low

Fire Spirit Eye [Collectible]
Fire Elf Perry considered himself a collector with an outstanding taste. It focused on collecting strange things such as his favorite Fire Elf Eye. It loved to stay in the dark alone, enjoying the Fire Elf Eye that gave off a faint crimson glow and marvelled on its beauty. The Fire Elf Eye was acqui

Flame Gem [Collectible]
The Flame Gem was a masterpiece of the Gem Craftsman Phil. It kept a raw ruby stone it had obtained by chance inside its body for three years and then cut it with a cutting knife filled with the flame power into its current shape. The raw stone absorbed the elemental power inside Phil's body slowly.

Flame Ore [Collectible]
The Flame Ore was a unique ore formed in a very high temperature in the Lava Cave that had absorbed Firelord Kaho's flame power. Due to the harsh working condition in the mine and the popularity of the ore among the mages, its price went very high. The miners in the Lava Cave felt very grateful towa

Flamingo's Tear [Collectible]
The legendary Flamingo's Tear that will bestow anyone who drinks it eternal life, but the legend didn't say anything about the unbearable price of everlasting life, will you choose to drink it?

Flare Sword [Collectible]
Speaking of the most skillful swordsman in the Fire Elves clan, everyone would mention the name Chris. It was not because of Chris's own swordsmanship but for all the great swordsmen he had trained. To honor his outstanding contribution, the Elf Elder bestowed Chris the Flare Sword forged by himself

Flash Carol [Collectible]
One of the Four Ocean Ultimate Treasures that represent brilliance. It gives off an everlasting glow which could illuminate even the darkest place.

Forest Flower [Collectible]
One of the Forest Four Treasures, it was created from the wild flower power granted by the forest elf. The Forest Elf loved to consume honey. It is believed that if a honey is tasty enough, she would reveal herself. In general the Forest Elf was kind to the Humans. However, if you began to destroy t

Forest Rainbow [Collectible]
One of the Forest Four Treasures, a special rainbow that can only be formed with the forest water in the forest air. It can transform into food upon prayers. Full of the power of the forest, edible, and very sweet, it is one of the favorite snacks for young Goblins.

Forest Sound [Collectible]
One of the Forest Four Treasures, the music is performed by forest monsters with leaves. It is objectivized into a magical wood slice. Place the Forest Tune by your ear and you'll hear this beautiful melody. It is believed that the Forest Tune can improve sleeping quality if placed by the pillow. It

Forest Tear [Collectible]
One of the Forest Four Treasures, it was originally a dew formed naturally by absorbing the forest air. Of course only very little dew could become the Forest Tear. The Forest Tear is hard to preserve. It could only be kept in a vessel made of wood from this forest. Be very careful after acquiring t

Fox's Jade [Collectible]
When the fox went down to celestial mountain, the god was worried about his safety and made a treasure jade for him to go home safely. And little fox became a good friend with the witch as he sent precious jade to the kind witch.

Frozen Heart [Collectible]
Nancy was born in a rich family and he himself owned a small garden. Nancy's parents bought a perfect Christmas tree for him at Christmas. Other children all wanted to see Nancy's tree, but he was too mean to allow anyone to enter his garden. As a result, the season in Nancy's garden was still winte

Frozen Rose [Collectible]
Nicole grew up in a wealthy family, but her mother only spoiled her elder brother. She not only mistreated Nicole, but made her do many household chores as well. However, a poor woman living at the entrance of the village was very kind to Nicole and often gave her some cherries secretly. One day, th

Future Crystal [Collectible]
In Al De Baran, there was a witch who knew the future, usually mysteriously hiding in a veil, not showing people the true face. In the direction she was facing, her hand always took a crystal ball wrapped in silk, but she never opened it, as if it contained the secrets of future. No one knew what he

Gilda's Hair [Collectible]
A wisp of hair of Gilda, the Goddess. Freyr, the Sun God, Once sat on Odin's throne secretly and saw a beautiful Goddess with golden hair in the north. Since then, Freyr had a crush on the Goddess.

Girl's Hairpin [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case I] Princess Cassandra's ornament with her initials carved on it. It was the most popular design of that time. Baron Eurypylus presented this to the princess as a love token. The hairpin has been burnt. Legend has it the princess was disfigured in a fire but

GLC.A014 File [Collectible]
Also known as "Stardust File". It records the origin of the mysterious organization "Black Army" hidden in the Dragon Valley. These warriors marked by Valkyrie helmets were once the heroes of the epic "Nibelungen Ring". They returned to the world from Valhalla, and guarded the Dragon Valley secretly

GLC.A031 File [Collectible]
In A.W 800, Himmelmez led the Undead Army and entered Glast Heim. The Royal Legion was unable to match them. The capital became a dead city overnight. Some people thought that there were "traitors" in the royal family who had leaked military intelligence to Himmelmez. A secret investigator locked fi

GLC.E109 File [Collectible]
Recorded a grand wedding that was held on the eve of the demise of the ancient city of Glast Heim. Gewisslanny and Prince Gabrielle misunderstood each other due to prejudice, and eventually joined hands because of love. However, at the time of the wedding, Himmelmez came and brought all the good thi

GLC.X114 File [Collectible]
The four exorcists who were close friends and deeply favored by the king made a bet with each other, but no one really cared about this gambling game. However, Fate quietly played a joke on them.In order to save their friend Carlson Zander, the four of them had used different methods, but they cause

GLC.X157 File [Collectible]
A sudden plague changed Gultom’s life. Galtom had a strong resistance to the plague, which made him the only person who could end the disaster. So the kingdom used the power of the High Wizards to guide almost all the plagues onto Gultom. Galtom made a wreath for Carlis, and Gultom’s mood was undoub

GLC.X163 File [Collectible]
After the second prince of the palace were missing, a Cursed demon named Gluttony appeared in the capital. Knight Dayton went to kill him under the order of the great prince. Soon after, the third prince disappeared. At the same time, a Cursed demon named Decayed appeared around the palace. The grea

GLC.X185 File [Collectible]
Edward, who was attacked, Came to a hidden cave followed by undead monsters. Here, He found a dark core, and he escaped from the danger by using it. The cost was that he lost his appearance and life. He was a knight, and although he was filled with the dark power, He believed that light and darkness

Goatskin Quiver [Collectible]
Lola had a crush on an unknown handsome archer at her aunt's funeral when she and her six-year-old sister attended the funeral. Lola was an introverted girl and did not speak a word to him. The young man left a Goatskin Quiver at the funeral. Lola carried it without telling anyone. After the funeral

Gold Arrow [Collectible]
A golden arrow designed by the famous craftsmen in Glast Heim, which were shining in the hands of the famous ranger Ozma. In the battle of the dark monsters' invasion, Ozma took his beloved golden arrows and went deep into the territory of the dark monsters to look for the head of them. From then on

Gold Coin [Collectible]
[The Book of Cowardice - Truth] Money is like the other temptations in this world. Excessive connivance will lead to dreadful consequences. To satisfy Carlson Zander's growing greed, the exorcist gave up everything but it didn't bring him anything pleasant.

Gold Scythe [Collectible]
This gold scythe is the sacred item used by Great Druid to collect the sacred mistletoes. Aleister Crowley once admired Druid very much. In order to make a gold scythe, he even ignored the ban and plunder at will. For him, Druid is his belief.

Gold Snake Eye [Collectible]
Recurrent Nightmare's Eyeball Due to Jörmungandr's overuse of the Miracle Ball and the Golden Clock's power, a Time Rift developed inside the golden clock. The Jörmungandr from another time line came via a Black Hole and in that world, Jörmungandr didn't choose to save his brother with the golden cl

Gold Thread Rabbit [Collectible]
Donner's mother was a poor weaver. As Christmas was coming, Donner asked his mother for a rabbit doll. The rabbit doll on sale was too expensive for his mother to buy, so she told Donner that she would make a doll as cute as the rabbit by herself. But Donner only liked the one on sale. He began to c

Gold Trophy [Collectible]
The most prestigious award from the music authorities in Midgard - the Angel Trophy. This represents recognition of musicians across the continent. Stefanie came to this strange world and won this award with her passion and talent. This trophy saw the beginning of Stefanie’s new life of adventure. I

Golden apple [Collectible]
A beautiful golden apple. It is an item that can give off golden light in the dark made by dancers from Black Swan Troupe.

Golden Egg [Collectible]
A long, long time ago, the Harpies got a golden egg. At that time, Harley was the Harpy King and that egg was laid by his queen. A golden egg. Harley was overjoyed for this heir sent from heaven. He guarded his queen day and night as she was hatching the golden egg. Days passed. No problem. Of cours

Golden Key [Collectible]
A key to Baharo the miser's treasury. He once made a wish to the Elf Lamp that he wanted his treasury to be filled with gold. However, his spending grew bigger and bigger. Soon, all the gold was gone. Blinded by his greed, Baharo again begged for the lamp spirit's help. The spirit cast a curse of gr

Grain [Collectible]
[The Book of Cowardice - Kindness] The ordinary food laid in front of us is precious like gold in times of poverty but cheap and negligible like weeds in times of fortune.

Gram Sword [Collectible]
The Stardust Glow·Martial: The sword of enlightenment left by Odin. On one side of this blade was the phrase Mercy of Universal Love allegedly carved by its very first owner Sigmond. It helped the Volsung clan to remove its enemy and rise from ashes. On the other side was the phrase Majesty of Justi

Grandma’s muffler [Collectible]
Because her beloved granddaughter came to visit her, the old woman still put on her favorite muffler even though she wasn’t feeling well. “Knock knock knock!” There was a knock on the door. It was a little earlier than expected, but she still happily opened the door. Just as she opened the door a fr

Green Petite skin gloves [Collectible]
The gloves made of rare Green Petite's skin. It is the best for a beginner alchemist. It is Acme's present for Courage, his foster son, To protect his hands from strong acid and alkali.

Gudrun's Love [Collectible]
The Stardust Glow·Love: Gudrun's arrival marked Sigurd's turn to misfortune. Controlled by a magic potion, she became the wife of Sigurd but couldn't win his heart till the end. A deceptive love is doomed with a terrible ending.

Guestbook [Collectible]
Is this the legendary Whispering Mountain Villa? The one-eyed baron Batescliffe, the baroness wrapping ribbon, the scarred servant, all this is quite disturbing. But at least the rooms are comfortable. I just closed my eyes and was preparing to sleep when I head a “rattle” and a strong gust of wind

Gultom's Diary [1] [Collectible]
A diary of a man called Gultom. A few pages record the shocking outbreak of the plague. Gultom's friends died in the plague. Gultom suspected that the plague broke out because they had worked in the sewers and were attacked by the Cramps.

Gultom's Diary [2] [Collectible]
A diary of a man called Gultom. A few pages record his happy time with a girl named Carlis. And on the occasion of Carlis’s birthday, he was carefully preparing his present, imagining the happy life of them in the future. But the happy time is always short...

Gultom's Diary [3] [Collectible]
Carlis had not been visiting Gultom for a long time outside the city. This caused Gulltom to be sad. He determined to question what happened to Carlis, but got a message that made him unacceptable.

Gultom's Diary [4] [Collectible]
Gultom determined to revenge. He gave up the mask that his friend gave him to suppress the plague. He determined to let those vicious hypocrites taste the fear of death.

Heart of the Forest [Collectible]
The ultimate treasure of the forest that only the Goblin King could make. The gem required the power of the forest four treasures, Forest Rainbow, Forest Tune, Forest Tear, and Forest Flower, to be combined. Bearing the power of the forest, it would only bless the one that had earned the Goblin King

Heart of Wormtail [Collectible]
The treasure of Wormtails, the Wood, Water and Earth Stones were polluted by the power of Yimir Heart. When the Heart of Wormtail which had been nourished by the three stones was about to be polluted, the Wormtail King decisively cut off the connection between the Heart of Wormtail and the divine st

Heaven Gate [Collectible]
Legend has it that Randgris who was guarding the gate of Odin Temple once owned it. Odin gave it to him so that he could come to and leave from the temple freely. But after the Ragnarok, the Heaven Gate lost the magic of the past.

Hermiz's Crown [Collectible]
A crown built by the tyrant Hermiz, who spent huge sums of money, inlaid with two top-level gems, and with runes engraved by rune masters. It's a priceless treasure.

Hero's Name [Collectible]
To commemorate the warriors who had fought their lives for Juno during the monster riot in the Lava Cave, the royal family of Juno issued a commemorative medal with four names carved in the back, Norfa, Dolly, Wassily, and Smanling Rev.

Holy Gospel of the church [Collectible]
[Chapter 5] The gentleman's handkerchief. In the monastery, who's listening to her repentant words? Whom is that depressed face missing so dearly? A gentleman approached the praying lady quietly and handed her a handkerchief in the most gentle manner. "Please don't cry for your regrets. Tears don't

Holy Grail [Collectible]
Represents Water, symbolizing emotion, relationship, love and inspiration.

Horn of the Ghost [Collectible]
A swift figure sneaked into the dark abyss in the beautiful night. The demons in the abyss snarled at him, and the souls of the dead regarded him as a delicious meal. But he walked with no fear, Saying, "the dead Valkyries, I am willing to be your most loyal servant. If you are hesitating, Then I ca

Human face ritual burial urn [Collectible]
Ritual burial urn in the form of a human face. It stories the Pharaoh of Pharaohs's liver and is kept in the Pyramid as part of the Resurrection Ceremony. The Pharaoh of Pharaohs gave his words to the Doppelganger Priest that if he would help with his resurrection ceremony, the Doppelganger Priest w

Hypocrite's Mask [Collectible]
When the only remained fifth prince escaped from the palace, the great prince declared that he found the fourth Cursed Deviruchi, and ordered Knight Dayton to eliminate the fifth prince. However, Dayton, who was suspicious of the great prince, did not eliminate the so-called Cursed Deviruchi. The fi

Inner Demon [Collectible]
The power is a devil and the great prince was seduced by the devil and framed the three princes. And his evil deeds were finally discovered by the righteous knight, Dayton. Dayton could not forgive himself, Nor could he understand the prince he was giving allegiance to. He understood that once the g

Invisible Arrow [Collectible]
This arrow has existed long ago, but it is invisible and unmarked. Only at the moment when the kingdom's disaster is coming, any warrior can shoot this arrow as long as he has the courage in his heart.

Jasmine perfume [Collectible]
The perfume made from jasmine, a kind of mysterious oriental plant. The wedding gift made by Acme, the alchemist, For Luck, his foster daughter, Is imbued with his love for his daughter. The perfume bottle is actually a tiny phonograph. Press it and it will play Acme's best wish to his daughter.

Key [Collectible]
[The Book of Horror - Loneliness] In the cold and gloomy jail there are usually forbidden, evil stories. The key to open them is like the apple of the witch. The most passionate and genuine exorcist knew it was against law and order but still he set his best friend free.

King's Scepter [Collectible]
The king's reaction made Gultom disappointed. He took off his mask and the plague instantly killed the King and the Royal Affairs Officer. He knew his good friend Clay was on his side and he had already revenged. Carlis's death blew him hard. He begged Clay to give him a fatal blow...

King's Sword [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case XV] A sword wielded by the founding emperor of the Schmidt House. Every king received it on their crowning ceremony. It witnessed the rise and fall of the Schmidt House. The last king went away without return, leaving it behind in Glast Heim. Archon Heinric

Knight's Feather [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case XII] A symbol of Baron Eurypylus' clan. It was pulled out and kept Princess Cassandra's company through her illness. When the city fell, the baron took his own life in front of the princess's tombstone. He held this feather and wrote down his last words of

Kunitsuna Imprint [Collectible]
In ancient times, a famous thief had a magical feather coat, which could turn him into a bird when wearing it and turn him back when taking it off. If a rich family's guard was not good enough, Then once he discovered, He would leave two drops of blood on the window sill as a target mark.

Laced Clip [Collectible]
This Clip seems to be baked in special incense, wearing it will emit a smell of refreshing sweetness, girls must like it.

Lady's Hat [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case XIV] During Heinrich's term, there was once a gossip resulted from this hat. It was placed in Heinrich's study but later worn by a noble lady. The serious,  old-fashioned archon didn't look like one of those men who would secretly present a hat to a noble l

Lava in bottle [Collectible]
Bottle with strange lava, it will shake on its own as if the stuff inside is alive.

Leviathan Sand Clock [Collectible]
Leviathan is a famous pirate in history. He used a unique golden sand clock to open the door of time and space, Easily go back to the past to solve the troubles that would change the future. One day, Leviathan’s ship encountered a storm at sea, and his assistant, who is jealous of him, Broke his gol

Life Sword [Collectible]
The Life Sword is a sword with a desire to fight. If the sword is pulled out, it can't be sheathed if it doesn't taste blood. The owner of the sword must respect the will of the sword, Otherwise the sword will betray the master and kill at will.

Little Daughter's Painting [Collectible]
Strip the buttons off the Button Bear. A picture painted by Bellmore’s little daughter is found inside. A line of vague handwriting is on the picture: Leader, here is the picture painted by Bellmore’s little daughter. I know you must feel bad because you were the girl’s art teacher. I also understan

Love Letter [Collectible]
A love letter written by Carlson. It says “Dear Emily: Since our encounter at the ball, my feelings for you have gotten stronger every day, and are so strong now that I can hardly breathe. I know that you are already engaged and that the wedding is to be held tomorrow, but this cannot stop the love

Maces Blade [Collectible]
Warlock Geffen's investigations unveil the plots of the Hand of Goddess. Himmelmez gathered a bunch of evil monsters at Glast Heim, who wanted to sacrifice Laurell Weinder's soul and call out Dark Lord to destroy the whole land. In order to fight against their plot, All the forces, Including arrogan

Machine Part [Collectible]
It appears to be part of some machine. Although rusty over the years, the logo of Rekenber Corporation can still be seen. A massive machine is said to have been standing on the Einbroch Field 25 years ago, giving off black smoke day and night. Several days after the plague outbreak, someone claimed

Magic Broom [Collectible]
Sweep up! Sweep up! The maid whispers to herself while sweeping the floor. This is a witch's broom. It can surely sweep this place clean. Once I've sweeped clean, the master won't blame me anymore. Once I've sweeped clean, I’ll be free...

Magic Eye [Collectible]
[The Book of Abomination - Justice] "Present your soul or I'll take your friend's life. Make your decision!" Said the demon to the exorcist with a sneer on its face and fierceness in its penetrating eyes. Carlson Zander was enchanted by this pair of demonic eyes.

Magma Dungeon rose [Collectible]
Special rose that only grows in Magma Dungeons, legend says it was the avatar of a boy that lost his love one, his soul became the roses that grows in the Magma Dungeons, no matter what times we are in, love is always bitter and sweet.

Malfunctioning Pointer [Collectible]
In parallel time and space, Gipetto and the expedition searched every corner of the Clock Tower, but it was strange that there was no bloodthirsty monsters, Nor power that distorted time and space. Everything is so normal, the so-called change seemed to be a rumor that was out of control. Gipetto lo

Manacles [Collectible]
[The Book of Horror - Truth] The moonlight shone through the tiny window in this jail cell. The proud exorcist had nothing left to lose when he lost his freedom. The noise from the chain reminded him of his sin. He couldn't

Marlet's Pointer [Collectible]
Marlet was not only a genius Mage, but also an outstanding horologist. With the talent, He made a clock that can only travel in time. As long as the pointer was pushed, He can go to the time on the clock. However, Marlet’s wife was insatiably greedy and wanted to maintain her youthful beauty. She br

Meatball Stamp [Collectible]
A proof of cats' friendship. "Thank you for helping rebuilt the Kitty House! Meow!" After completing all the quests of the Kitty House, these adorable cats are finally willing to return. The Kitty House has regained its liveliness. When you are tired from your adventurers, come back to check on thes

Medal of border security [Collectible]
In honour to your Contribution to the Border Checkpoint, Border security granted you this medal of honour on behalf of both country, we wish you can help more people, may the Medal shines forever.

Merry christmas! [Collectible]
It is called Merry Christmas candy. Betty's ancestral recipe has been voted as the most popular candy for children for many years. It is only available for a limited time during Christmas. When Betty was a child, Her mom and dad took her to the snow-capped Gingerbread City for a vacation, Where she

Mersman's Gratitude Letter [Collectible]
It's a gratitude gift from Mosman to adventurers who helped him. Adventurers attended a grand wedding of Al De Baran, Where the bridegroom was killed at the scene. Adventurers took the responsibility to investigate the incident. Meanwhile, the "Secret Books" were stolen which recorded the method to

Millennium Scale [Collectible]
One of the Four Ocean Ultimate Treasures that represents steadiness. It can pacify the chaotic ocean currents. The totem on the scale bears the mystery of all the ocean spells over thousands of years.

Mimir's flower [Collectible]
Result of Wisdom Giant's Crossbreed of rare flowers, possess magical power even in sprout, rumored to be one of Wisdom well wine's ingredients.

Mimir's Gem [Collectible]
Magical gem that possess powers beyond mankind's imagination, yet it was just the material of Wisdom Giant Mimir's key cylinder, awe to the power of giants.

Mimir's horn [Collectible]
Gerrard family's family heirloom, famous treasure just like Giallar's horn. From the trace of usage, this might served as Wisdom Giant Mimir's drinking utensil, but many researchers also suspect drinking utensil is just a false appearance, the true purpose of Mimir's horn is weapon or magical items.

Mimos' Robe [Collectible]
"Mimos knows that in order to protect his important people, he has to be ready to a terrible ending, not frustrated or escaping, bravely marching forward with his own strength. The fighting is endless!"

Miner's Iron Pickaxe [Collectible]
This pickaxe belongs to the miner Honest. It has been his only mining tool all this time. Mining is a tough job. The extreme high temperature inside the Lava Cave is a torture. However, Honest never complained. He very much enjoyed his time with this ores. Every day he would get to work with his iro

Moonlight Mood [Collectible]
[Chapter 4] The news about war from afar. The war of the bloody victory. The imperial army scored a hard victory through difficulties and obstacles. When news came to the capital, Gewisslanny dropped tears of sorrow in the marquis's mansion. Her silent cry was filled with regrets.

Motley Sword [Collectible]
A weapon held by the brave Motley in the legend, which had been with Motley in challenging many monsters. According the record about to Motley, Motley went to challenge the powerful Chimera the last time.

Mottled heraldry [Collectible]
Worn out heraldry that represent some past family, rumor says that the last descendant of the family went missing during his/her adventure to seek the power of Magma Dungeons's Flamingo's Tear.

Mysterious diary [Collectible]
A very thick diary with the most bizzare content, it seems that whoever wrote it lived for hundred of years, does this mean the legend of Flamingo's Tear is true?

Nameless Hilt [Collectible]
Hilt of a sword that belongs to a certain Gryphon Knight, the blade is already melted in lava, only the Hilt remained toi tell the story of that legendary knight and his will.

Nibelungen Ring [Collectible]
The Stardust Glow·Confusion: The ring worn on the left index finger of the commander of the Black Army. It was once the engagement ring of Sigurd and Gudrun. Back from the Valhalla, it will accompany its new master to rule the dragons.

Norfa's Shield [Collectible]
Since Norfa became a knight, he has been carrying this heavy shield. His tutor told him that the shield in his hand was not for protecting himself. Norfa didn't understand it until he left Prontera and formed an adventurous squad with three friends he met along the way. They were completely differen

Norfa's Sword [Collectible]
What do you wield your sword for? The tutor's words echoed in Norfa's head. Born in Prontera, Norfa grew up by the royal soldiers' training grounds. When he grabbed a long sword for the very first time as a child, he became fast fascinated. At that time, he thought a long sword was a symbol of a han

Norman's Pocket Watch [Collectible]
Clock Guardian Norman's Pocket Watch. Cloaking as the little brother of Guardian Mosman, Jörmungandr wanted to get the power of Gold Clock. Working in Al De Baran for many years, He knew many secrets about Gold Clock. He asked Holland to stir up the clock guardians for a rebel within. It made Mosman

Obsidian Blade [Collectible]
The blacksmith looked at that sharp blade carefully. That might be the best ironware he had done in his entire life. How could it be not good? The village head brought him the treasure of the village, a piece of obsidian their ancestor had obtained. That calm and shiny obsidian had always been the v

Old Bulletin [Collectible]
An old bulletin slipped from a pocket of the Sack Teddy on which the news that the house of Bellmore, a gem merchant in Christmas Village, was ransacked ten years ago was recorded. Bellmore was shot with a few arrows when he died. The five robbers at the time were Charlie, Manson, Dan, Rick and Karl

Old Dagger [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case VI] Aphrodite's Dagger is the well known name of it. The emblem on the handle belongs to the Krehollen Clan. It is also called the Regicide's Dagger. The usurper King Giobrock's empress Aphrodite ordered the forging of this dagger for her husband as a gift.

Old Letter [Collectible]
An unknown old handwriting, which cover has been somewhat yellowed, as if telling its long time. Open the handwriting, there is such a paragraph, "Arlen is really hard working recently, even the Knights' captain Aldrich looks at him differently. But his temper is really great, no matter how we tease

Old Medal [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case III] The Schmidt House's warrior medal. The pattern names the bearer a trusted aide of the Schmidt House. Very few knights have been bestowed this medal by the king. It is not a sign of glory but a shadow of the Schmidt House on special missions. This medal

Old Record [Collectible]
This old record is Stefanie’s earliest album. It’s the most precious belonging of her loyal fan. When Stefanie had an accident during a performance and was injured, the fan gave this record to her as inspiration to bravely face the pain. Since then, this record has always inspired Stefanie. She beli

Old Safety Helmet [Collectible]
Walter was a very cowardly man but he was doing a very dangerous job because the money he could make here was way better thanks to the unique flame ore. Walter cared dearly about all the safety issues. He would never take off his safety helmet despite the brutally high temperature inside the cave. H

Osiris's Tear [Collectible]
Could immortality bring everything? Everyone has his own answer. Osiris sacrificed his love, children, and heart for an everlasting life. At last, his wish became his chains. The immortal, undead Osiris lost his rights of being a human and continued on as a monster. Only he knew if his tear was out

Pine Cone Pudding [Collectible]
Grind pine cones into fine powder and mix it into a Peco Peco Egg along with milk. Blend until smooth and steam it in a special way to make this sleek and smooth pine cone pudding. The ingredients are simple but not many would appreciate pine cones as much as Gerudo and exploit its potential. Everyo

Pink hairpin [Collectible]
Pink hairpin with the pattern of Poring. It used to be very popular 20 years ago. Like usual, the little girl is standing by the window with her chin in her hands, her eyes gazing at the crowded Juno street. She's waiting for her busy father to return and give her a hug. Knock, knock! A sudden knock

Poison [Collectible]
[Introduction] The beginning of many stories involves plots, murders,  grievance, and conflict. That night, Duke Moritz lay in the bed, ice cold. By his feet was a bottle of poison.

Poring Doll [Collectible]
Open the hidden door on the back of the Spring Bear. A poring doll is hidden inside. The doll belonged to the little daughter of Mr. Bellmore. The poor girl was shocked on the day which was actually her birthday. She could only repeat, "the leader bound my father and me. The one who killed my father

Poring Phonograph [Collectible]
Philips, a master alchemist, Left a message for Acme, his student, In the phonograph Philips created: Dear Acme, How are you? I'm in trouble and need your help. I hope you can come to Gingerbread City as soon as possible. By the way, This is Poring Phonograph, My new invention. It can record and pla

Pray Necklace [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case VII] Father Anders' cross necklace. He used to hold this while praying for the Schmidt house's everlasting prospect and happiness for their loved ones. He was said to be a minstrel. He chose to leave for the queen's fame after being framed as a secret admir

Priest's Mask [Collectible]
Masked priests stepped towards the altar silently in unison. A villager with a child in his arms made way for the priests, keeping his head low in a respectful manner. The baby in his arms gazed at the priests curiously. They all wore terrifying masks that seemed to be staring at him fiercely. The c

Prince's Mockery [Collectible]
[Chapter 6] The broken mirror. The prince took off his mask and threw it to the splendid dance floor. He jeered loud, "Too late, you snobbish woman of greed! A broken mirror can never recover perfectly." Under the enchanting chandelier, a fairy tale broke in front of everyone. There wouldn't be any

Pumpkin Lantern [Collectible]
Pumpkin lanterns guard you on the path home, pumpkin lanterns guard you on the path home. Craft a pumpkin with care, light a candle in it, and it will illuminate your path home. If you just randomly extinguish a pumpkin lantern, then be prepared to pay the price to Jakk!

Rainbow sago [Collectible]
Sago with rainbow flavor. Only people who really know about rainbow could make it. Ryenbo the rainbow chaser has more rainbow sago than he could ever finish but he's longing for the traditional dessert Eggy Cake from the West Gate. I got some freshly baked Eggy Cake from Barbara and exchanged with R

Rancid Skull [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case X] Allegedly the skull of the founding emperor of the Schmidt House. Some believed it belonged to the grandfather of the king. Some others said it was the former king's comrade Archmage Lucifer's… No matter what, this mysterious skull has been sealed in the

Reborn cross [Collectible]
Once a talisman of the Pharaoh of Pharaohs's Queen Isista. The Pharaoh of Pharaohs lost his mind for coming back to life after death and killed his queen with his own hands. To his surprise, the Reborn Cross granted her a second life but in the form of half-human half-snake monster. She could never

Red Nose Ticket [Collectible]
During Christmas this year, a mysterious clown came to Gingerbread City. He particularly likes candy and children. There are free tickets for the circus for the children of Gingerbread City - chocolate cookies. Children who hold such chocolate cookies can watch the performance of the red nosed circu

Red Wrapping Lace [Collectible]
Long ago, a rich man owned a summer mountain villa in Skellington. Every summer they would take their servants to the villa to spend the holiday. The rich man had a wild-natured daughter who was fond of adventure. Every summer she would encounter some wandering boy and the two would fall in love. Up

Rev's Book [Collectible]
Every mage has a book recording his or her own spells. Smanling Rev's Book also contains her diary and doodles. Page Seven "Simple-minded Wassily, silly Dolly, and idiot Norfa! I've had enough from my teammates." Page Forty "I didn't expect these guys to be so capable. The stupid knight Norfa actual

Rev's Wand [Collectible]
As the very first student with early admission to the Magic Academy in its one hundred years history, Smanling Rev was born to be a legendary witch. However, to everyone's surprise, at the age of 19, she and three of her friends formed an adventurous squad despite her tutor's objection and left her

Rhona's Spell Book [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case VIII] Rhona's spell book. It records those ancient magic spells she had collected. Rhona is generally considered a wicked witch. She lived alone in a desolate cabin, working on so-called the most evil forbidden magic. No one was willing to approach her dwel

Right [Collectible]
Represents Fire, symbolizing passion, energy and creativity.

Roch Vera’s Diary [Collectible]
The name Rocha Vera is neatly written on the cover of this diary. It’s owner must have been a lovely girl. Though it’s a bad habit to look at other peoples’ diaries, this diary is only half completed. The last page reads: “Grandma has fallen ill. Mother has asked me to take some cake, fruit and wine

Rotten Bones [Collectible]
Gultom had an enviable constitution. He was not affected by the plague at all. After the king learned that, he asked Gultom to take risks to be a hero to save the kingdom from the plague. Gulton accepted. Several Archmages used magic to extract the plague and poured it into Gultom's body.

Royal Badge (Decayed) [Collectible]
The third prince had disappeared. At the same time, a Cursed Deviruchi appeared around the palace. Any place he had been to, All the items would be decayed, and the hard-earned money of the people would be turned into dust. The great prince who loved the people would certainly not allow this to happ

Royal Badge (Fighter) [Collectible]
The Cursed Deviruchi appeared, his curse brought battles again and again. Many fights happened in the capital because of the curse of him. The great prince decided to order Knight Dayton to punish this evil deviruchi. And the great prince discovered that his fourth brother had been out hunting and t

Royal Badge (Gluttony) [Collectible]
After the disappearance of the second prince, a Cursed Deviruchi appeared around the palace. People closely contacted with him suffered a curse, and the people became Gluttony monsters. This led the great prince to make up his mind that no matter what the connection between the second prince and the

Rune [Collectible]
[The Book of Abomination - Truth] The exorcist's hierogram was written in an untidy manner, indicating his struggle and unease. Should he defend justice or save a life with his strength? The exorcist's bright eyes could penetrate the darkest darkness but couldn't see through the earthly justice.

Rusted Arrow [Collectible]
Rip the Leather Bear open. A broken arrow is found inside. Though the arrow is rusty, its power when it was shot can still be identified. This is the one that caused the death of Bellmore. There were a few broken arrows found on Bellmore's body. They were all shot from the same bow.

Rusty Iron Ring [Collectible]
Alton, the battle madman who admired the Black Samurai, Carried his beloved sword ring Iron Tooth to challenge the Black Samurai. Under the attack of the Black Samurai, Alton had no power to fight back. The Iron Tooth were also separated in battle.

Rusty Mace [Collectible]
When the workers found a Yimir Heart Shard in the underground of the Clock Tower, the spreading power of the giant drew powerful mutated monsters. The good Arlen was beaten by the minions when saving his companions. The knight squad arrived in time and eliminated the monsters, which avoided more cas

Sakura Dewdrop [Collectible]
Ida Chin expressed to the fox that she hoped that the fox would stay with her, but was refused by the fox who missed his hometown. There is a drop of crystal dewdrop on the sakura, we do not know whether it is the dewdrop that fog condenses, or the tears of sorrowful witch?

Sand Ocean Heart [Collectible]
A young sailor from Morroc fell in love with a strand mermaid on one sail. To stay together with his mermaid lover, he found the lamp spirit and made a wish for a sea water oasis in the Morroc Desert. The sailor took his bride back to Morroc with wild joy and together they had a daughter. However, g

Sapphire Thumb Ring [Collectible]
A thumb ring inlaid with a sapphire. Wear it and everything you touches will turn into gold. This cursed thumb ring can't be removed by the wearer himself. Only those who still have the beginner's mind could remove the curse. In Morroc, there was a man named Porto who wished for endless wealth to th

Scarlet Cape [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case IV] The liner of the cloak has the name of General Edomok, the reputed warrior of the Schmidt House. Known as one of the Twin Stars of the Kingdom alongside General Eserus, he was a close frined of the general in their life time. There are many rumors about

Scarlet Dress [Collectible]
A red dress stained with blood that hints to the tragic fate of its owner. It’s said that Rocha Vera, the little girl in the red hat, was eaten alive by the Grandma Wolf. Her favorite dress became the spoils of the wolf. Good things are easily destroyed. No matter what age, evil always disguises its

Scorching Feather [Collectible]
Magical feather that radiate lively fire, seems to be connected to the legendary Flamingo, your body will be filled with vitality the instance you hold it.

Scribbled Letter [Collectible]
Help! Anybody, please help. This Whisper Villa is full of monsters! Under the red ribbon at the back of the doctor's wife is another woman's face! I saw with my own eyes the doctor feed the second face raw meat. He used other people's skin to stitch up his wife's putrid wound! I hope someone could d

Scroll [Collectible]
[The Book of Jealousy - Wisdom] Gulief was deeply obsessed with books. He considered them his most loyal and trustworthy friends. He had a great brain that always came up with amazing ideas to turn the tide. But it didn't get him a good end. Even the wise are not always free from error.

Shabby Leather Coat [Collectible]
In parallel time and space, Gipetto watched with horror as one teammate after another fell to his side. He did not expect that his negligence caused the siege of the group of monsters. He was exhausted at this moment. The mottled blood on the leather jacket, the feeling of powerlessness in the heart

Sharp Blade [Collectible]
[The End] The exorcist walked in the dark. Specialized in hunting demons, he was going to confront a real demon that night. He grabbed a sharp weapon and Casted silently, "Carlson Zander, you were once the most important friend of mine. I have to clean your sin in person. I'll carry the guilt and co

Sharp Dagger [Collectible]
A bloodthirsty sharp dagger. When the young Arlen was ridiculed as useless waste and abandoned bastard, He felt a great shame. And this shame must be washed with blood. On a calm night, He ended the insulter's life with his sharp-edged dagger that he had been prepared for a long time. From then on,

Sharp Scalpel [Collectible]
Franken was a renowned surgeon. One day when he was burying the dead in the cemetery, he came across a one-eyed boy. The boy was ragged, and his empty right eye was bleeding and filled with pus. The old childless doctor took the boy home for treatment and adopted him as a child. The clever boy quick

Siegel's Death [Collectible]
The Stardust Glow·Fall: Sigurd, killed by an Assassin, couldn't have predicted his tragic end brought by love. In his last breath, he finally realized Brynhilder's selfishness. He tried to comfort his wife Gudrun in tears in the quietest voice before heaving his last sigh. There's never a second cho

Sigouney's Plan [Collectible]
The Stardust Glow·Shadwow: The brightest star in the Volsung house. Her birth was destined to bring hope and changes to this clan. When her family was dispersed, her brother and her lived in misery. She commited the unforgivable forbidden sin to revenge the destruction of her deeply loved family. Un

Silver Knife [Collectible]
Emily’s two hands were stained with blood. She took out the knife hidden in the bottom of her dress and drew in a deep breath as she rushed forward. Wilk saw the golden key in her hand and stabbed with the hand that had been stabbed. He didn't care in the least, to him it was but a scratch. But when

Skull Pendant [Collectible]
This slender gold chain is connected to a skull pendant made of obsidian. The pendant has a cat-like texture and seems to have a breathtaking energy. Rasputin used this pendant to cast his magical hypnotism.

Small Fishing Rod [Collectible]
Dried fish made by the fisherman Bilson at the Prontera South Gate. Its fragrant smell is loved by cats. The coast outside the south gate used to be abundant with fish but all of a sudden fishermen could no longer catch anything. The adventurer promised to help Bilson find out the truth. It was beca

Smfiotelli's Valor [Collectible]
The Stardust Glow·Shine: Higney tasted the forbidden fruit and bore a child. The boy was expected to grow strong to revenge his family's fall. Born with such heavy burdens on his shoulders, he developed a beautiful personality like an angel through his mother's elaborate education. He became the bri

Snake Scale [Collectible]
In Glast Heim, there was an evil Hachimata. In the city, Women and children were taken as his food. Finally, the gods were irritated. The gods gave the most brave warrior in the city a Kusanagi to attack this Hachimata, Peel and bone it, and take its snake scales to offer sacrifice to the innocent c

Soldier's Diary [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case IX] The diary of a garrison soldier in Glast Heim. It was full of his boring daily patrol, men's late night jokes, spooky tales about the sewer, royal gossips about the Schmidt house, stories of the stray dog Col, and comments on the music from the monaster

Soul Hairband [Collectible]
The three cursed dolls were made by a strange worker who died weirdly three days after the dolls were completed. A witch tied a light blue hairband to the hair of each doll. From then on, People sometimes saw the three dolls wandering in the toy factory. They gained the ability to move by means of c

Soul Imprint [Collectible]
Before god's envoy appeared in Glast Heim, there were some strange warriors who fell into madness. Alricht was one of them. When everyone joined forces and defeated him, An alchemist who used the Stone of Sage to bind his soul in his armor. Since then Alricht became a mad swordsman who only guards t

Spark Necklace [Collectible]
A magical rope that would never break and an eternal fire. After its discovery of these two miraculous items, treasure hunter Hill put the fire on the rope and made it into a necklace. The eternal fire was obviously a tinder sent by heaven. Hill put on the tinder necklace devotedly. It could feel it

Spell scroll [Collectible]
Adventurers came to the kingdom of Heavenly Water, where sakura bloomed under the cold sun of early spring . Among the cherry blossoms, there is a strange couple. The man is the son of the Ida family of the kingdom of Heavenly Water, and the woman is a gentle and kind Elves. The gentle Elves became

Spinning Red Shoe [Collectible]
After her mother died, Caren, a girl born in a village, Was adopted by a wealthy old woman. Before, Caren only had worn-out wooden shoes, but after being adopted, she got a pair of highly qualified personalized red dance shoes bought by her foster mother. Caren often wore the red dance shoes in sole

Spirit Lamp [Collectible]
An ancient lamp in Morroc legends with a spirit dwelling inside. It will grant one wish to the user. The story teller Harkrudy was once a Minstrel in Morroc. Suffering an uncurable disease, he sought help from the lamp spirit to extend his life. Harkrudy's only wish was to continue telling stories t

Spring Squeak [Collectible]
A spring rat toy made by someone unknown. Tighten the spring and it will move fast with a squeak. It used to be the favorite toy in the Kitty House but the little boy Tommy took it and kept it for himself. Tommy said he would return the spring squeak if the adventurer would play hide and seek with h

Star Coin [Collectible]
Represents Earth, symbolizing money, material and enjoyment.

Star Crystal [Collectible]
A special crystal from the mysterious space and time turbulence. It's purple and sheen, Surrounded by a faint lavender mist. Naru thinks that it is from the mysterious starry sky, and it's a gift from the starry sky. It contains an unknown power, Seems to be the same with the power of those from the

Sumina's Dye [Collectible]
"Elinise in my front row during training is really special, especially her purple hair. Although I need to wear a helmet every day, I still want to dye my hair purple." - Sumina

Susanoo's Missing [Collectible]
When Glast Heim was full of battles, Susanoo gave a Totsuka-no-Tsurugi to his wife to defend herself, and then joined the army. After the war, when he returned home, He found that his wife died of a serious illness. He thought that he was not there when his wife was seriously ill, He was very regret

Sweet Memory of Marriage Badge [Collectible]
[Chapter 7] The yellow leaves. "If I can't kiss you in front of Father, happiness will never befall you and me." The man with this love immersed himself in the Sweet Memory of Marriage upon Himmelmez's arrival. The fallen leaves took away the rhythm of life.

Sword [Collectible]
Represents Wind, symbolizing thought, wisdom, communication and conflict.

Talking Fish [Collectible]
Tony went fishing with his elder brother. They made a small net as big as a table. They only got one fish after fishing the whole day and went back home disappointedly. They put the fish in water at home. Suddenly the fish began to speak. The fish told little Tony, "the larger your net is, the more

Tattered Gem [Collectible]
[The Traitor on Glast Heim's Doomsday Case V] This gem was inlaid in King Schmidt's scepter, which had been passed down for generations. The broken gem reflects the end of the royal family. The great sage Battmond once warned the king to take the gem out of the scepter and throw it away or the dooms

The Anecdote of the Glast Heim [Collectible]
A book written by a man named Chelsea, which details that when Chelsea and his companion Nika were attacked by a monster, a Black Samurai came and saved him. Due to the description of Chelsea, the name of Black Samurai was widely spread.

The Azure Heart [Collectible]
A treasure that has been passed down for generations in the ocean royal family. It grants immortality to the ocean creatures and protection and shelter to the humans.

The buried truth [Collectible]
25 years ago, a deadly plague broke out in a village in Einbroch. At the same time, Ian Green the Executive Director of Rekenber Corporation vanished along with a classified document. To everyone's surprise, a bottle of antidote and a mysterious note emerged by the god statue in the village out of n

The first Waltz [Collectible]
[Chapter 1] The mask in the masquerade. It records Gewisslanny and Gabrielle's first beautiful waltz behind the mask. The first sight, the unknown future, the fancy dresses, the mutual attraction... They set each other off beautifully on the splendid dance floor. Pretty and romantice like a fairy ta

The fox and the gods [Collectible]
In order to revive his little fox, the god did not hesitate to violate the regulations of celestial mountain , used spells in the kingdom of Heavenly Water, and was removed from heaven. Although the gods and foxes lost their qualification to return to the celestial mountain, they finally recovered e

The Infected's Diary [Collectible]
On the fourth day after the plague outbreak, villagers all showed some symptoms. Festered pus cavities and herpes were spreading on my skin. Some weak children have been vomiting since yesterday. The elderly are unable to get out of bed, hanging on there with their decaying health. Screams and cries

The Love of the Sakura Elves [Collectible]
In order to prevent Ida Hideaki from gathering the elves, Sakura contacts the adventurers privately. Through recollections of Sakura., the adventurers learn their past stories. They were attracted to each other by a flower branch, and fell in love with each other over a long period of time. Hideaki

The Spell of Ida [Collectible]
The witch of the Ida family wanted to capture the fox and become the patron saint of the family, while the fox wanted to travel on the mainland only and return to the celestial mountain. Ida Chin is both a witch of the Ida family and a friend of the foxes, and she did not know what he could do.

The tap dance of the rose [Collectible]
[Chapter 2] The withered thorny rose. It was kept in the first drawer to the right side of Gabrielle's desk. A beautiful dried flower inside a book named the Dreamy Wedding. When the news of his death came, Gewisslanny put it in Gabrielle's coffin in person.

Time Dagger [Collectible]
A hundred years ago, there was a stone outside the city of Al De Baran that could make people forget the time. The passers-by would forget all the time and troubles and wouldn't leave when they were sitting on this stone. A young thief in the city asked a craftsman to make the stone into a dagger fo

Time Magic Stone·Future [Collectible]
Time is unpredictable. People can't see what would happen in the future. Archie Soren insisted that Desley and Scott's death was related to the mysterious ghost. Monica advised him not to go to that weird place, but Archie Soren did not care. After a long wait, He finally saw the ghost. After a fier

Time Magic Stone·Past [Collectible]
Scott and Desley were obviously good friends. At the moment when the black hole appeared, He wanted to grab Scott. The black hole of time was devouring everything around. In this tug-of-war, People were the losers. Scott pushed Desley back, but he was swallowed by the black hole because of the react

Time Magic Stone·Present [Collectible]
Time is the soil for all achievements in the world. Time gives pain to the dreamers and happiness to the creators. After Scott disappeared in the black hole, He decided to act as a ghost and expel those who stumbled into it. When Desley tried to save Archie Soren and was in the depths of darkness, t

Time Roulette [Collectible]
According to Nordwin's description, he once saw the future in a cave with active magnetic fields. It was a catastrophic scene. He saw the statue of the swordsman fall in Izlude and the damaged Geffen Tower. After the disappearance of the illusion, he got the lighted wheel. But he still doesn't know

Time Shard·Day [Collectible]
After studying the Witch Imprint in the Black Witch's body, Nordwin built the hierarchical class of time and worked out the theory of time - "Eternal Dimension". According to the results of the research, He found that the differences among the present, the past and the future are only an illusion. S

Time Shard·Hour [Collectible]
After studying the Witch Imprint in the Black Witch's body, Nordwin built the hierarchical class of time and worked out the theory of time - "Eternal Dimension". According to the results of the research, He found that time-going-backwards and traveling back to the past are actually based on an inexi

Time Shard·Miniute [Collectible]
After studying the Witch Imprint in the Black Witch's body, Nordwin built the hierarchical class of time and worked out the theory of time - "Eternal Dimension". According to the results of the research, He found that the power of magic can make people see the past and future events. Under the influ

Time Shard·Month [Collectible]
After studying the Witch Imprint in the Black Witch's body, Nordwin built the hierarchical class of time and worked out the theory of time - "Eternal Dimension". According to the results of the research, He found that time is the guarantee of all things, and space and time can't be analyzed separate

Time Shard·Second [Collectible]
After studying the Witch Imprint in the Black Witch's body, Nordwin built the hierarchical class of time and worked out the theory of time - "Eternal Dimension". According to the results of the research, He found that time is an objective existence. The concept of time is a result of humans understa

Time Shard·Year [Collectible]
After studying the Witch Imprint in the Black Witch's body, Nordwin built the hierarchical class of time and worked out the theory of time - "Eternal Dimension". According to the results of the research, he found that time is an abstract concept and it's an expression of material evolution and movem

Toffee Apple [Collectible]
Mirror, mirror, what's my future husband like? In the quiet night, girls light candles and look into a mirror while holding an apple. They have the same anxiousness in their hearts - will what they see in the mirror be the same as what they dreamed?

Tony's Eye [Collectible]
There was a pair of twin brothers named Tony and Totta. Tony, the elder brother, Always envied Totta because their parents took better care of his younger brother. One day, Tony met a golden bird. The bird told him that it could satisfy one of his desires, but his brother would get doubled reward. T

Top grade leather [Collectible]
Leather of thin coating and high permeability, defense equipment, furniture and even Musical Instrument that use this kind of material will offer excellent texture.

Totem Pottery [Collectible]
After the grand sacrifice offering ceremony and the Coronation, the high priest was making a pottery himself. Recalling the scene on that day, thrilled children, devout villagers, chanting priests, brave warriors, and the chosen hero holding the golden egg with injuries all over his body. From that

Transparent Empty Bottle [Collectible]
The glass bottle that once contained the plague antidote 25 years ago is now empty. The bottle is covered by moss and cracks. Allegedly one mornint, a piece of note appeared by the god statue in the village. There was only one line, "Drink it and the plague will be over." The elder volunteered to ta

Unsent Letter [Collectible]
Crulero fell in love with a girl when he first came to Glast Heim. After he learned that she was a royal princess, she put down the idea of ​​confession, and the letter in his hand seemed to never be able to sent.

Ventriloquist Plate [Collectible]
Before being executed, the ventriloquist carved sentences on a plate about the truth of the case of the rich merchant. Ten years ago, Ventriloquist Charlie was invited to Bellmore's home to perform ventriloquism on his daughter's birthday. Manson was the leader of robbers. He came to Bellmore's home

Victory Sword [Collectible]
The box in which the Victory Sword, the weapon of the Sun God was kept. To thank Skirnir, Freyr gave him the Victory Sword and only the box of it was left.

Volsung Emblem [Collectible]
The Stardust Glow·Dawn: This is a great house that has started a epic legend and written heroic songs. Achievements and glorious stories of the members of the house have been spread among the people. The creator of the world set the rule that everything will decline and decay. God Odin granted the h

Waltz of love [Collectible]
[Chapter 3] The long, sharp western sword. When Gewisslanny received this present, she wasn't sure should she praise the general's unique regard or sigh for his lack of romance. It was hung on the wall as an ornament for a long time until Gewisslanny took it down and put it next to the Dead general.

Warrior's Crown [Collectible]
The young man held the golden egg and stepped up the altar. This is our village's hope. This is the holy item for our protection the high priest has dreamed about The villagers under the stage looked at this young man covered by wounds, full of expectation. These wounds were his merits. No one was w

Wassily's Axe [Collectible]
Why do you like the axe? Someone once asked Wassily. He answered with a smile. Because it is very similar to me, scrupulous and methodical. Swing and chop with no gaudy frills. Desert men from Morroc never play tricks with anyone. Wassily didn't think much when he and his friends decided to help Jun

Wassily's Crown [Collectible]
A native of Morroc, Wassily had always been the chief of children growing up.When he was little, he had a tumbleweed circle on his head. Many years later, the circle was replaced by a solid metal crown. However, deep down Wassily was still the same chief of children, always ready with drawn swords a

Whispering Mountain Villa Invitation Letter [Collectible]
An invitation letter written by the owner of the Whispering Mountain Villa, Dr. Batescliffe. It's said that the one-eyed baron hides an unspeakable secret in the villa. One only needs to take this invitation letter and wait by some stone monument in Skellington, then a carriage will emerge from the

White Sandalwood Pendant [Collectible]
The old lady accepted the twig from her husband. A hole was made on one end of the short twig. She touched it gently with her hands, wiping off the mud and dust. She knew her husband worked hard to get this twig. This was a White Sandalwood twig. White Sandalwood was a divine object that could suppr

White Veil [Collectible]
Carlson looked down at his chest, holding Emily’s veil in his hand, and a long sword had pierced his heart. Emily was right in front of him, the sword had almost touched her. Carlson stumbled back, distancing the blade from Emily. “Carlson, Carlson...” Emily looked at what had happened, and terror f

Wild Daisies [Collectible]
Small dried wild daisies. A childrens’ gift to their mother. No matter how busy Stefanie is, she always find time to play with her children. To her, her children are the most important people in the world. The two children also deeply love their mother. They use the most beautiful things they know o

Wisdom parchment [Collectible]
A part of thousand years old wisdom scroll, Wisdom Giant Mimir broke the scroll into dozens of Wisdom parchment and scattered them around the world.

Wisdom well's Honey wine [Collectible]
Wisdom Giant Mimir won the Wisdom well from Odin as a bet, but still nobody knows why there is endless magical Honey wine in the well.

Wonderland Cake [Collectible]
A dreamy dessert made with five legendary ingredients from the Prontera West Gate: smooth banana cream, refreshing dew jam, melting in your mouth Cloud Crisp, spongy Pine Cone Pudding, and colorful Rainbow Sago. These ingredients' advantages are combined together in this wonderland cake. Take one bi

Wooden Helmet [Collectible]
It was late at night but the carpenters was still together in the village, working hard. The moonlight shone dimly upon the ground and they worked hard by the faint light. On the other side of the ground, several finished wooden helmets were piled neatly. Simple helmets without any decoration that w

Yarn Ball [Collectible]
A soft ball of yarn with a very comfortable touch. A favorite of cats. If you bring this back to the Kitty House, those adorable meows will be back, right? After gathering enough fluff, Aunt Merry helped the adventure weave a yarn ball exclusively for the Kitty House. These little cats are really lo