[Year] Blueprint [Blueprint]
The backpack designed in the shape of Year the monster, beautiful handcraft.

2019 Bandana Blueprint [Blueprint]
Don't underestimate this piggy headwear! Put it on and everything will go smoothly throughout the year! Shh! Quiet! This is between you and me only!

Abysmal Knight Shield Blueprint [Blueprint]
Few people can see Abysmal Knight using the shield. However, the giant black shield can often be found after it is eliminated. The badge of the Knight Club on the shield is already blurred.

Actor's Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
How dazzling it is before the spotlight, and how humbling it is after the spotlight.

Adventurer Bag Blueprint [Blueprint]
The small backpack with adventurers' essential items. Carrying it, one can go anywhere without being stopped.

Airship Captain Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Airship captain's hat. There's a small line wrote on the hat's brim, "please let me become a doctor".

Alice Doll [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headwear crafted based on the appearance of the popular monster Maid Alice. As if shouting above the bearer's hat, "Master! Come on!"

Ancient Gold Ornament [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Gold accessories with ancient magic power. It will change according to the job and level of the user.

Ancient Reverse Scale blueprint [Blueprint]
A piece of scale on Ancient dragon's tail, it's use as the weapon as the ancient dragon. Once it stabs into enemy's body, the scale will open up and apply with poison.

Angel Spirit Blueprint [Blueprint]
The ornamental mask is said to be worn by the goddess.

Angel Token Blueprint [Blueprint]
Only those whose heart is perfectly pure and faith absolutely firm will be approved by angels. Once approved, you will have this pair of wings as your proof and it will shelter your soul for the rest of your life.

Angel Wing Blueprint [Blueprint]
Band made of collected angel's feather.

Angel Wings Blueprint [Blueprint]
The wings made by the Angel Soul. Use it and the wearer will not be influenced by Evil Ability.

Angeling Hairpin Blueprint [Blueprint]
Cute hair clip made based on the super popular monster Angeling. It lightens the wearer's body.

Angeling Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat that has the look of Angeling and refers to Poring's mother during the making process. It makes people want to protect the species.

Angeling Wing Blueprint [Blueprint]
Wings with soft feather made according to the wings of Angeling.

Angled Glasses Blueprint [Blueprint]
The glasses with the image of wide-open eyes.

Angry Snarl Blueprint [Blueprint]
Items imitating Angry Snarl can be used to perform angry cats, angry rabbits, and other various shows.

Angry Solo Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Yellow box with two holes on it. Put it on and you will sense the essence of self entertainment.

Annoyed Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
When you encounter a very annoying, funny and annoying thing, you can wear the mask which is only used in this way.

Antlers [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hairband made according to the antler. Its strength is to have higher Def.

Aori Ramen [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
[AORI travels all over the world just to find her father.]

Apology Hood [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Big cat who invented the beautiful adventure world wanted to express moments of respect, tolerance, and understanding via the headdress. When you see it everyday, it reminds you to keep creating more lovely contents for the world, in order to support all of our adventurers!

Apple of Archer Blueprint [Blueprint]
It's said the apple was shot by a sniper in the ancient time at a very long distance.

Apple Unity Blueprint [Blueprint]
Who put this Apple on my Unity? If you don't take it away, I’ll feed it to the Porings!

Aquarius Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that symbolizes Aquarius, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with amethyst.

Aquarius Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem that symbolizes Aquarius, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with amethyst.

Aries Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that symbolizes Aries, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with diamond.

Aries Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem that symbolizes Aries, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with diamond.

Army Cap Blueprint [Blueprint]
Military hat exclusively for Prontera soldiers.

Ashe Headwear Blueprint [Blueprint]
In the endless reincarnation, Ashe obtained the true self. Time and space flow, she became a traveler.

Ashe Tassel Blueprint [Blueprint]
The black curtain has descended and Ashe continues her journey. She has someone who she must meet again with. She will keep travelling until she finds a way to meet him again.

Atroce’s Mouth Blueprint [Blueprint]
This mask makes you feel as mighty as Atlas. But once you've enjoyed cooking, you’ll know how much of a bother it is to put on and take off...

Ayam [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Woman's hat made of red silk. The ribbons and chains look very beautiful as accessories.

Baby Dragon Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Doll made according to the look of monster Sky Petite.

Baby Owl Blueprint [Blueprint]
Even the Owl Baron was once a baby. Who wasn’t?

Baby Pacifier Blueprint [Blueprint]
The Baby Pacifier put in the baby's mouth for cheering it up. It will be very cute to be the child's equipment.

Bandana Blueprint [Blueprint]
The Red Bandana for fixing women's hair when they wash their faces.

Bao Bao [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
It's very famous because an ancient female fighter. Her strong kicking power makes everyone fall in for her.

Bat Small Hat[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Thousands of years ago, a race of bats known as the [Fangire] were the strongest of all 13 demons... But now all they can do is act cute.

Beast Headwear [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Lifelike headdress made of Year that appears only in Spring Festival.

Beast's Tail Blueprint [Blueprint]
Parents will have their kids put on cute beast's tails to protect them at new year so that the beast will not feel the presence of kids when it comes.

Bell Ribbon [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
The cute hair band has the small bell on the end. It seems that the bell will ring immediately.

Beret Blueprint [Blueprint]
Bright grass-green hat. It looks better when you wear it with an angle. The legendary brave troop

Big Ribbon [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Big butterfly knot. It makes woman more cute and beautiful.

Biretta [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat that at gives an air of authority when you put it on and symbolizes clergyman.

Black Cat Ears Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hairband that looks like black kitten's ear. It's made according to Morroc headwear. It cannot move.

Black Cat Lemegeton Blueprint [Blueprint]
Oh god! Carrying this noble doll, one can feel totally elevated! This elegant and gorgeous texture. Touch it and one will sleep soundly everyday.

Blinker Blueprint [Blueprint]
The paper for covering eyes is sometimes used for other purposes.

Blood Red Hat[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
There was once a girl named Rocha Vera who suffered a poor fate at the hands of the Grandma Wolf. This red hat was her favorite...

Blood Sucker Blueprint [Blueprint]
The cursed man is on the opposite side of God, and is used by many parents for scaring children to go to bed earlier. Such an earl, even sucking blood occasionally, is still elegant for over thousands of years.

Bloodlust Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
The mask worn by the Bloody Murderer. It gives off a chilling and bloody scent. After putting it on, it seems like even the world around you is stained with blood.

Blow Gun Blueprint [Blueprint]
A secret weapon. If you want to use it without others noticing, You need a lot of exercise and skills.

Blue Enchantress Blueprint [Blueprint]
This flower has a short live, but the it's will to live is to make the miracle come true.

Blue Hairband Blueprint [Blueprint]
Close your eyes to hear sounds from the sea and mountain as you put the hairband on. But who is calling?

Blue Seal Blueprint [Blueprint]
A treasure exclusively for the chief of guards of the Turquoise Clan, one of the two guardian clans of Mundilfari the God of Time. Its magic climaxes when the moon rises.

Blue Stamp Blueprint [Blueprint]
A treasure exclusively for the chief of sacrifices of the Turquoise Clan, one of the two guardian clans of Mundilfari the God of Time. Its magic climaxes when the moon sets.

Blue Wheel Blueprint [Blueprint]
A treasure exclusively for the head of the Turquoise Clan, one of the two guardian clans of Mundifari the God of Time. Its magic climaxes at midnight.

Blush Blueprint [Blueprint]
It looks small and exquisite, and it can be equipped if you want to look cute in front of your lover. It's the essential for hot young lads and girls.

Bomb Wick Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headdress designed as the shape of bomb wick.

Bone Angel Blueprint [Blueprint]
"This is the most popular wings in heaven these days! Compared to normal wings, it's easier to take care of and looks more stylish! I'm not enchanted by demons!"

Deposit Reward
M.Def +3, Max Hp+45

Unlock Reward
Def +3, Max HP +45

Bone Hairpin[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
This cute little accessory is perfect for the vibe in the Town of the Dead. It's the best choice for a souvenir from Niflheim.

Bone Helm Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hard headwear made of bones. Although it's heavy and difficult to wear, it has great Def.

Bone in Mouth Blueprint [Blueprint]
Very fragrant bones. If you want a dog to be quiet, You can try to throw this bone to it.

Bongun Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat worn by the monster Bongun with a half-split hierogram hanging in the front. Pretty sturdy, the half-split hierogram no longer blocks the sight.

Boy's Cap [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Black hat for students.

Bride's Corolla [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Wedding corolla full of youth vibe. Long silk ribbons decorated at the back.

Bright Fury [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Helmet used by a famous general in legend. You still can feel a very strong war feeling up to now.

Bunny Egg Backpack Blueprints [Blueprint]
A pack full of Easter spirit, with colors overflowing with the joy of early spring. "Don't break the eggs, or the rabbit will slip away!"

Bunny Top Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Rabbit ear hat that matches well with magic performance.

Burning Eyes Blueprint [Blueprint]
It was said that all Fire Elf would not blink from the moment they were born. Over time, they all inadvertently have this kind of serious eyes.

Butterfly Hairpin Blueprint [Blueprint]
Butterfly hair clip. The body became lighter after wearing it.

Butterfly Wing Ears Blueprint [Blueprint]
A magnificent accessory imitating Papilio machaon Linnaeus.

Cancer Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that symbolizes Cancer, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with ruby.

Cancer Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem that symbolizes Cancer, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with ruby.

Candle Blueprint [Blueprint]
Specially made candles that can burn for a long time.

Cap [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat with a simple design for events and daily uses.

Cap Of Blindness [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Purple cape made of cloth. It's suitable to cover the dark face. Covered by the dark veil, the red eyes gave out a sense of darkness.

Capricorn Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that symbolizes Capricorn, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with garnet.

Capricorn Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem that symbolizes Capricorn, the second of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with garnet.

Cat Ear Beret [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Cute beret hat with cat ears.

Caviar Sushi Blueprint [Blueprint]
Boss Puffer restaurant's signature dishes! Fluffy rice plus full of caviar, a go so that you absolutely satisfied. Gululu Gululu ~ ~ finished! Clamor in my stomach!

Celestial Dark Flame Blueprint [Blueprint]
Elves take me away from this dull world, please. I want to dance with you in the blazing-like mountains. - Butler Yeats

Cersei's Memory Blueprint [Blueprint]
A cute bandana with Poring shape. It will witness all the honest hard work. All the good memories will be collected in here.

Charming Ribbon [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Beautiful hairband made of red ribbons. The point is the pink heart in the middle.

Chef Soul Blueprint [Blueprint]
"Novice, would you like to learn cooking with me?" - The Kitchen Spirit stands at the intersection, sending invitation to each passing by novice. In the chef hat in front of him, several zeny are scattered...

Chicken Dinner Meal Box Blueprint [Blueprint]
Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Chimera Hat[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Do you know why the chimera has no facial expressions? Because the little snakes on its tail share all its expressions. Monsters privately call the chimera the king of expressions.

Chinese Crown [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
In ancient time, girls would cry over their mothers' shoulder on their wedding day. The Chinese crown can exorcise evil spirits and protect the bride from fainting.

Chirp Skylark blueprint [Blueprint]
An independent and special skylark, Chirp loves to build its nest on adventurers' head. If you can stand not washing your hear for one month, quickly invite this little singer to your head.

Chocolate Donuts Blueprint [Blueprint]
The annual best product of the famous dessert brand [ALICE & IRIS]. The classic Chocolate Donuts is very delicious because of the first-class ingredients. The almost perfect style is popular among children because of the chef's techniques.

Christmas Song Blueprint [Blueprint]
Jingle Bell~Jingle Bell~Jingle all the way! The meaningful happiness Christmas Tree is forever surrounded by the Christmas Song.

Cigarette Blueprint [Blueprint]
Smoking is harmful to the health of the human body, and the juveniles are prohibited from smoking.

Clown Nose Blueprint [Blueprint]
An accessory worn by a clown on his nose.

Coif [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
The hats worn by nuns in the cathedral, it covers the hair with a sense of self-discipline.

Colorful Eggshell Blueprint [Blueprint]
Eggshell that represents the start and continuity of the Virgin Mary.

Concert Invitation Blueprint [Blueprint]
My wishes, immortalized in ink and placed into your hands. I'm looking forward to meeting you again amid the music of my dreams.

Concerto Spring Blueprint [Blueprint]
Twist once, you can hear a musical; twist twice, you can dance with the walz; twist third time, you can sing along with it.

Corolla Blueprint [Blueprint]
A flower hat. It shows the feeling of puppy love between young girls and boys.

Coronet Blueprint [Blueprint]
Beautiful hat with strange patterns. It looks smart when you wear it.

Corsair [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Big hat worn by the pirate captain. It's reserved to use for the pirate captain, which gives people an authoritarian feeling.

Cresent Hairpin Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hair clip made according to the shape of the first quarter moon. It gives people a sense of hope because it looks like running towards full moon.

Crown [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
It makes people more sober with this crown, which has the magic to restore spirit power.

Crown of Ancient Queen Blueprint [Blueprint]
The ancient queen's hair decoration was made to show the queen's dignity. So it was decorated with luxury items like gold and gems.

Crown of Mistress [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that highlights the status of queen made by mistress. It shows elegance on its own.

Cultish Masque Blueprint [Blueprint]
The mask used by High Priest can be purchased from collectors.

Cursed Bunny Doll [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
A strange rabbit doll. I don't know why, but every morning it’s never in its original position... Hehe, bunnies are so cute, how could it do anything bad?

Cute Reindeer Horn Blueprint [Blueprint]
Longhorn, big eyes, red nose, fluffy face, the cute little reindeer is the best reindeer of Santa Claus

Cute Ribbon Blueprint [Blueprint]
Band used to fix hair with an eye-catching small butterfly knot.

Cyanogen Windmill Blueprint [Blueprint]
It's a windmill, but when the wind blows it will not rotate.

Dancer's Plume [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
What do you think is lighter, the feather I’m wearing or my dance steps?

Dark Knight Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
Even if attacked by the Dark Str, the owner of the mask will still implement the knight doctrine until he dies.

Dark Randgris Helm [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Helmet made of dark power. It improves the concentration of the wearer.

Dead Wizard’s Bandana Blueprint [Blueprint]
Even if you put it on, you still won't understand what the old bonehead is chanting all day.

Deadly Horn blueprint [Blueprint]
Pointy horn-shaped ornament, extremely hard and sharp. Pull the horns down and use them as weapons in times of trouble to take the enemy by surprise.

Deathcat Helm [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
It's made according to the clothes of sage Deathcat during the mercenary time. Although it's a reproduction, the helmet is surprisingly well made.

Decorative Golden Bell Blueprint [Blueprint]
Made based on the well-known monster Sohee's accessories with a huge bell highlighting its cuteness.

Defolty Doll Hat[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Huge popularity! Headwear made according to Kafra's Defolty. Fascinated by Defolty's smile, many people like to use Kafra's Storage all day long.

Dejected Pumpkin Lantern[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
What are you looking at? Never seen a depressed pumpkin lantern before?

Demonic Clock Blueprint [Blueprint]
Who turned my koo-koo clock into a Deviling? Show yourself!

Desert Prince [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headscarf imported from the hottest desert country in the world. It's said a brave prince might have worn this headscarf before.

Devil Wing Blueprint [Blueprint]
The small wings of demon are similar to the bat's wings. Can be purchased from the collectors.

Devil Wing Blueprint [Blueprint]
The wings made by the Devil Soul. With it, the wearer can get terribly powerful, but the mind will be gradually eroded.

Deviling Hat[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Who would miss the opportunity to put such a cheeky and cute Deviling on their head?

Deviruchi Balloon Blueprint [Blueprint]
The balloon made by the Devil Soul. With it, the wearer can get terribly powerful, but the mind will be gradually eroded.

Deviruchi Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat made according to the look of Deviruchi. It looks fresh and cute. Not only the one wears it, but also people who see it will feel the happiness.

Deviruchi Tail Blueprint [Blueprint]
The wings made by the Devil Soul. With it, the wearer can get terribly powerful, but the mind will be gradually eroded.

Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
God's spokesman - exclusive hat for Archbishop

Dog Bandana Blueprint [Blueprint]
A super lovely new year headwear (limited version), it is said that wearing this item would bring good luck!

Dokebi Horn [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headdress made according to the horns on the head of monster Dokebi. It seems as one of the ghost family after putting it on.

Doppelganger Bandana[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
A hood designed by a Doppelganger. If he hadn’t already died, Al De Baran's fashion magazine would surely have given him his own Headwear Column.

Dragon Scale Stripe Blueprint [Blueprint]
The Alchemy Guild has put the treated dragon scales on the wearer's face, which has successfully improved the wearer's ability.

Dragon Silver Helmet blueprint [Blueprint]
This helmet's strong defense can stand the dragon's claws. However, its astonishing weight can only be handled by the royal guards.

Driver Band [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Mechanic exclusive hair band that can store common tools due to its special design.

Drooping Baphomet Jr. Blueprint [Blueprint]
Baphomet Jr. Lay on the head. Don't worry about the sickle in its hand. It didn't look like to be hostile to you.

Drooping Cat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Doll that can put on the head to carry around. You will hear cat's sound from somewhere, and feel there's something moving on your head.

Drooping Pope [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Popularity acquired! Hat is made according to the Arouna Bates's pope.

Dropping Doll (Female) Blueprint [Blueprint]
No matter how long the adventure journey you've travelled, don't forget your beginner's mind. Doll made by the cute girls of Kafra company in memory of this moment and to show the warmth and concern. (Although it's a girl-style doll, boys can wear it too.)

Dropping Doll (Male) Blueprint [Blueprint]
No matter how long the adventure journey you've travelled, don't forget your beginner's mind. Doll made by the cute girls of Kafra company in memory of this moment and to show the warmth and concern. (Although it's a boy-style doll, girls can wear it too.)

Dropping Marionette Blueprint [Blueprint]
Doll made based on the appearance of the popular monster Marionette. It refrshes the wearer's head.

Dying Swan Blueprint [Blueprint]
At the moment before the death of a swan, the swan will use all its strength to stretch out its neck and its beautiful wings. Dancers were inspired by this, and so incorporated the beautiful movement into a dance called Ballet.

Ear Muffs Blueprint [Blueprint]
Ear muffs that prevent noise and cold weather. It's surprisingly cute to wear.

Eden Team Bag Blueprint [Blueprint]
The backpack for new adventurers prepared by Eden Team. Adventure essentials such as maps, compass, sewing kit and butterfly wings are thoughtfully prepared.

Eden Team Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat handed out to Eden team members. Uniform-matching hat.

Eden Team Turban [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat exclusively for the Eden Team members. The design matches well with the uniform.

Eggshell Blueprint [Blueprint]
Very hard eggshell used to wear on the head as a decoration.

Electronic Hair Band Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hurry, put on these latest headphone and become the king of electronic music!

Elven Ears Blueprint [Blueprint]
The item imitates the ears of the elves. You will know how it feels to be an elf when you wear it.

Epic Spirit-Lightning Blueprint [Blueprint]
The All-Knowing God - For those who have made great contributions. This is one of the hallmarks of Valhalla. Only those who have been granted entrance to Valhalla after death can become a powerful soul.

Epic Spirit·Death Choice Blueprint [Blueprint]
Reward that granted by Orloum in the name of Valhalla to adventurers. The choice of the dead represents the dignity of Valhalla and shows its mission -- to select brave souls for Valhalla.

Epic Spirit·Death Convoy Blueprint [Blueprint]
The award for adventurers given by Orloum instead of Valhalla. The path shown by light blue soul flame to guide the dead is where the ghosts will go. Valhalla also welcomes the ones who can see the flame.

Evil Eye Blueprint [Blueprint]
"You peep at the abyss-like darkness, and the darkness is peeping you from the abyss."

Evil Goblin Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
The mask worn by the goblin gives people a sense of malevolence.

Evil Marcher Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Black top hat with evil power.

Evil Wing Ears Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hairband made according to the shape of DDevil Wings.

Eye Bandage Blueprint [Blueprint]
The blinker is used for eye protection, when eyes get hurt.

Eye of Dawn Blueprint [Blueprint]
Through the Dawn, we will see the hope. Through the Dawn, we will see the light of humanity.

Fallen Angel Wing Blueprint [Blueprint]
The Fallen Angel's Giant Black Wings

Fancy Flower Blueprint [Blueprint]
Flowers used to put in the head as decoration.

Fashionable Glasses Blueprint [Blueprint]
The pair of sunglasses has a very lightweight design, which can not only bring visual effects, but also evoke your imagination. It is very trendy when you use it.

Feather Beret [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
High-end hat with the safe color sky blue. It looks better with the feathers.

Feather Bonnet [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
A very modern-looking hat with a valuable feather on it.

Fin Helm Blueprint [Blueprint]
The head cover with the image of the fish's dorsal fin symbolizes the Guard Swordsman. It does not mean that you can breathe in water when using it. Please be careful.

Fire Hat[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
The most popular hats among female adventurers recently - and some male adventurers are said to get crazy for it?

Fire Tail Blueprint [Blueprint]
It seems cool but... Ouch. My ass is burning... My pants are on fire again!

Fish In Mouth Blueprint [Blueprint]
Fish In Mouth Although it has a fishy smell, it will not deteriorate due to special treatment.

Flame Wing Blueprint [Blueprint]
The wings of the mythical beast in Chinese legends.

Flapping Angel Wing Blueprint [Blueprint]
The beautiful head cover resembling the flying angel wings. Use it and the wearer will feel mentally and physically light although it may look a little bit active.

Flower Band Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hairband with the shape of flowers and leaves.

Flu Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
A mask worn when you have a cold or want to keep yourself warm.

Flutter Butterfly [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
As human civilization dying gradually in the river of time, only the big mechanical guy in the debris and his friends remained.

Flying Cat Hat blueprint [Blueprint]
The great mechanic Charyeson has a naughty cat pet that once flew up into the sky with his mecha. To commemorate this funny incident, Charyeson ordered someone to craft this flying hat for cats.

Flying Wisdom Blueprint [Blueprint]
“Feel their focus, it will increase 99% efficiency of taking classes. ”——Smokie Headmaster Orim · Von · Tellihaller

For Alice Blueprint [Blueprint]
While organizing his great grandmother's relics, the young man discovered a tiny classic wooden chest thickly covered by dust. Several centuries later, this work came under the sunlight again and would continue on to leave influence on future generations. The true story had long lost in time but the

Forest Guard Hat blueprint [Blueprint]
The Payon Foresters have devoted their entire life to catching illegal lumberers. This hat is a symbol of pride for those foresters.

Four-winged Angel blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown blessed with the Four-winged Angel - Raphael's magic power. It has a magical power that cures the wearer's heart and soul.

Fox Ears Bell Ribbon [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headwear made according to the shape of fox ear.

Fricca's Circlet Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hairband blessed by Batul's mother, Goddess Fricca. It seems that you can have a look at the goddess's wisdom.

Gas Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
A respirator that has a filter to get rid of harmful air and provides fresh air at any time. The disadvantage is that it will make you feel a little stuffy and uncomfortable when using.

Geek Glasses Blueprint [Blueprint]
The magical glasses. When you use it, You can see constantly rotating images on the glasses.

Gemini Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown inlaid with jadeite that symbolizes Gemini, one of the twelve zodiacal signs.

Gemini Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem inlaid with jadeite that symbolizes Gemini, one of the twelve zodiacal signs.

Gentleman Top Hat[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Put it on and your friends will follow you around. Here comes the friendship train, choo choo~

Ghost Bandana Blueprint [Blueprint]
Triangle hat prepared for the dead in certain small East country.

Ghost Rudder Blueprint [Blueprint]
Put on this ghost rudder and Drake’s bird will fly to you and make you his new master. Drake rubbed the poop off his shoulder and sighed.

Gibbet[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
This bad-tempered little one is a bother to deal with. If you make her angry, she’ll mess up the hair you spend all morning combing. My newest braided hairstyle was ruined like this!

Gigantic Majestic Goat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Helmet made of giant goat's horns. The meaning of the spell is very strong.

Glasses Blueprint [Blueprint]
Glasses made of compressed glass are used by the people who have poor eyesight.

Gloomy Witch's Headwear [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
A witch's hat decorated with bones. It gives one a sad feeling. What kind of past did the owner of this hat have?

Glories Harvest Blueprint [Blueprint]
It is full of Sunshine and hard work in this gloden mouth of May. Don't worry, all the hard work will be paid, all the exhausting will turn into smiling. "You get what you give!"

Goblin Leader Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
Just like the Goblin Leader, the mask of strong determination will make you exactly like Goblin no matter how fake you are.

Goblin Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
People judge the masks worn by of the goblin people.

Goblin Pilot Blueprint [Blueprint]
Take it off! Of course, only goblin can drive the goblin helicopter. Adventurers can only watch it.

Goibne's Helm [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
It one of the few armors made by Goibne who mainly built weapons. Gods gave more praise to Goibne's armors than his weapons.

Gold Angel Blueprint [Blueprint]
"To all god's agents, all executives of god punishment on the land, we martial family's mission is to chase after, kill and wipe out the stupid and wandering body of god's violator..." The following letters were too blur to distinguish.

Golden Antenna[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Super environmental detection device based on Insect Antenna, though might looks like " not serious enough", but actually its a very serious and highly sophisticate scientific product.

Golden Gear Blueprint [Blueprint]
Head protector made of gold. It's very hard with a high Def because it's mainly made of gold. Indestructible.

Golden March Blueprint [Blueprint]
It was the early autumn. Servants of the Belvedere Palace were busy rushing about, preparing for a grand tea party. Noble ladies from all over the world would attend this grand banquet in graceful and magnificent dresses paired with dazzling gems. This show began with the direct collision between ae

Golden Thought Blueprint [Blueprint]
A scientist named Frankenstan once said that one's thinking speed could be increased by 300% by putting a screw into the head.

Gong Cat[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Be careful of dry stuff! Children who don't listen will become cat food for the moonlight flower!

Grampa Beard Blueprint [Blueprint]
When you wear it, You'll feel the heaviness of the beard.

Grand Circlet Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headscarf worn by the highest instructor of the tribe.

Great Hornbill Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Golden crown made modelled on the Great Hornbill. It reflects brilliant beams under the sun.

Green Feeler Blueprint [Blueprint]
Green tentacles of insect. You can feel rocker's jump when you wear it.

Grief for Greed Blueprint [Blueprint]
A bankrupt merchant lost everything that he hid all his sorrows in the bag. It's said whoever wears this headdress will have the bankrupt feelings. The sadness will surround you and make you feel depressed. But there's a mysterious hairband that makes you stand up again and boost your ability.

Hair Band Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hair ring used to fix long hair.

Hairband Of Reginleif Blueprint [Blueprint]
The headdress named after Valkyrie Randgris Reginleif.

Hairpin [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
If you look closely, it's a decoration that can be filled with things.

Halloween Lantern [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Made with the best pumpkins of the Pumpkin Duke's Manor. Great to give a good scare!

Halo [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Halo above the dead's head when going to the heaven. It doesn't have the hiding effect when you wear it.

Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Sun-shading loose hat. Fishing Lover's Regular Items

Hat of the Sun God [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Special hat with big wings that represents the sun/ Don't ask how to walk by wearing it.

Heart Hairpin Blueprint [Blueprint]
The cute hair clip is made of heart logo, which makes the wearer look small and delicate.

Heart Sunglasses Design [Blueprint]
It's time to take your favorite Poring on a trip during this golden holiday~ [Designed by: LittlewhiteBAO]

Heartpiercing Arrow [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Ah~ fair maiden, please permit me to capture your heat with this arrow~

Heaven Beast Horn Blueprint [Blueprint]
A ferocious type of divine beast is said to dwell in Asgard, home to the tribe of gods. Every year their two horns fall off and the new pair will be sharper and harder than the old ones.

Hella's Winged Helm Blueprint [Blueprint]
This long-horned helmet is one of Niflheim’s chief products. The cold and fierce shape is reminiscent of the awesome goddess of death, Hella. When you put it on, your surroundings will become cold as ice!

Hella’s Servant Blueprint [Blueprint]
This hard-working little guy loves flying all over the place when you're not paying attention. It’s tough to catch him! I imagine only the goddess of death herself could cure it.

Helm [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Helmet made of hard metal.

Helm of Angel Blueprint [Blueprint]
Amazing headwear with relatively high Def. It's made of Feathers of Angel Wing. We don't know who is the Craftsman.

Helm of Darkness [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown used by Demon King Morroc. It's only for people that can overcome the fear for the Demon King.

Helm Of Dragon [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Helmet made of hard scales of dragon.

Helm of Dullahan [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
The helmet worn by the Dullahan. I don't know why, but when I put it on my head feels empty and I feel forgetful.

Helmet of Orc Hero [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Helmet given to the real Orc Brave. It shows who is the greatest and boldest Orc.

Hibiscus Blueprint [Blueprint]
Flower as beautiful as a goddess, which appears in the legendary faraway east country. It's used for view or Chinese medicinal materials.

Highland Flower Hairpin[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Shock! Give this hairpin to your beloved girl and the success rate is as high as 99%... Except for the 0% girls don't like you.

Hockey Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hockey masks. Wear it and you will be motivated to hold weapons.

Horong Blueprint [Blueprint]
With it, one doesn't have to be afraid of the darkness anymore!

Hot-blooded Headband Blueprint [Blueprint]
The hair band is full of burning heart, determination and will. By wearing it, you will clench your fist unconsciously.

Hydra Blueprint [Blueprint]
Legend has it that after Hercules has killed Hydra, he made the sea monster's head into a trophy to prevent its rebirth.

Hyegun Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Monster Hyegun's hat. Broken but with strong Def.

Incubus Horn Blueprint [Blueprint]
Incubus horn that looks boys. Looking at the upward horn, You will an unknown power.

Indian Fillet Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hairband worn by red Indians.

Indifferent Solo Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Yellow box with two holes. Put the box on the head to sense the essence of self entertainment.

Intern Ship Captain Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Congratulations! You've become an apprentice airship captain. From now on you will be living in the sky. Don't get seasick.

Iron Cain Blueprint [Blueprint]
The mask made of hard metal.

Jack's Pumpkin Lantern Blueprint [Blueprint]
"Stay away from me, you goddamn children! I'm a man who once teased Devil! ..."

Deposit Reward
Max HP +30

Unlock Reward
Max HP +30

Jellyfish head [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Common Marina near the sea area. It's said that it felt too comfortable on the head that it didn't want to come down.

Jewel Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
It's made of round-folded cloth and inlaid germs, which looks very imposing.

Joker Jester Blueprint [Blueprint]
The big hat that brings luck looks a little strange with its pointed look.

Juno Garrison Blueprint [Blueprint]
Voted as the hat that brings the strongest sense of safety by citizens of Juno. Seeing the coming of a man wearing it is seeing the arrival of justice.

Kafra Summer cone Blueprint [Blueprint]
Those friends who love to prank dumped the Cone on my head!! But I'm not mad at all, it was Soooo chill.

Kaho’s Protection Blueprint [Blueprint]
The protection of the Flame Lord is certainly strong, for with it adventurers can take risks in the winter without wearing a coat.

Katana Blueprint [Blueprint]
The Katana carried on the back. Although it is used as a decoration, it can still make people get frightened.

King Poring's Majesty Blueprint [Blueprint]
Welcome to Poring Kingdom to spend your holiday!

King Poring's Melancholy Blueprint [Blueprint]
Welcome to Poring Kingdom to spend your holiday!

Kirin Wing Blueprint [Blueprint]
The wings of the mythical beast in Chinese legends.

Kitsune Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
In order to hide the identities, some assassination troops wear the masks referred to their faces. The equipment makes them act quick.

Laurel Wreath [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown made of green leaves and fragrant flowers. It's very refreshing to wear.

Lazy Poring[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Praised as the continent's most popular monster three times in row, the touching feeling is even more comfortable than touching the cat! All Poring have a puzzle: after eating and sleeping, why do you always hit me?

Leather Goggles Blueprint [Blueprint]
Wind-proof goggles made of leather.

Lemegeton Ears Blueprint [Blueprint]
Slowly quivering fluffy earrings. Cuteness is justice. If you don't agree on this point, Then what's the difference between being alive and a piece of dried fish~ Meow.

Lemegeton Tail Blueprint [Blueprint]
All things in the world need to be balanced. The subtle and true sense of balance brought by this tail is extremely reassuring.

Lemegeton's Eyes Blueprint [Blueprint]
So, From the moment you own this treasure, You can see everything in the world.

Leo Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that symbolizes Leo, the fifth of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with olivine.

Leo Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem that symbolizes Leo, the fifth of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with olivine

Libra Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that symbolizes Libra, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with cat's eye.

Libra Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem that symbolizes Libra, the seventh of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with cat's eye.

Life Wheel Blueprint [Blueprint]
Genetics experts discovered an extremely elegant shape from their DNG strand research and modified it into a hat.

Little Tree Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Cute headdress made according to young Willow by an institute that is keen on protecting forest resources.

Loki's Whispers Blueprint [Blueprint]
The illegitimate child of the Lord of Asgard once raised a mythical beast similar to Falcon. The arrogant mythical beast would hold up the green feathers beside its ears, whenever he saw the inferior human. The child was so disappointed by the pet and sighed its pervasive arrogance. He killed his pe

Lord Kaho's Horn [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Exclusive accessory of monster Kaho.

Love and Bravery 2018 Blueprint [Blueprint]
1st! Remember the first time of being to Prontera, the first time changing jobs, the first friend, the first MVP ... How time flies, the first anniversary is coming! In the Adventure of love and courage, there is a cheerful melody, the blessing of Angels, there are friends to join hands. Brave adven

Love Autumn Blueprint [Blueprint]
View sakura at spring nights, viewing starry sky at summer nights, viewing full moon at [autumn] nights, and viewing snow in winter.

Love Heart Autumn Blueprint [Blueprint]
Wheat fields in autumn, Sunflower seas, longing heart in love.

Love Heart Spring Blueprint [Blueprint]
Flower fragrance in spring, migrant birds back to city, budding heart in love.

Love Heart Summer Blueprint [Blueprint]
Cicada chirping in summer, goldfish sparks by the sea, flipped heart in love.

Love Heart Winter Blueprint [Blueprint]
Silver winter, snowman at the door, awaited heart in love.

Love Spring Blueprint [Blueprint]
View sakura at [spring] nights, viewing starry sky at summer nights, viewing full moon at autumn nights, and viewing snow in winter.

Love Summer Blueprint [Blueprint]
View sakura at spring nights, viewing starry sky at [summer] nights, viewing full moon at autumn nights, and viewing snow in winter.

Love Winter Blueprint [Blueprint]
View sakura at spring nights, viewing starry sky at summer nights, viewing full moon at autumn nights, and viewing snow in [winter].

Lunar Clip [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
The hairpin of Loli Ruri. It’s said to be a relic of the ancient moon goddess. If you wear it in the moonlight, you’ll receive an ancient blessing of the moon.

Luxury Twin Lunch Box Blueprint [Blueprint]
KFC should be shared with those you love! A Blueprint for the Luxury Twin Lunch Box headwear. You're worth it!

Mage Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Any capable Mage would want this hat. Hat that looks strange but brings comfort and energy to the wearer.

Mage Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Mage's hat that when you put your hand inside, a rabbit is likely to come out. It's very sturdy and will not break up easily.

Magic Aggressor blueprint [Blueprint]
With an emerald magic stone inlaid in a scarlet one, its surging magic power will stimulate the wearer to exert the deep unknown strength within the body.

Magic Eyes Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat that symbolizes eyes of the dark Mage. There's a legend of blinking.

Magic Tea Pot Blueprint [Blueprint]
Although it's hard to feel the weight, the teapot was actually full of water. It's said that lucky guys can drink the black tea brewed by the magic tea pot.

Magni's Cap Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat worn by Thor's son, Magny. It seems that Magny who inherited Thor's power is inside.

Magnolia Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Due to the desert's heat, Peco Peco Egg became a ghost. The hat was made of the ghost, so it's not purely a fried egg.

Maiden Band [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Accessories worn by cute maids.

Majestic Goat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headdress with goat horns on it. Deep religion meanings.

Martin Hat[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
It is said that the Martin is very good at praising the peers, and they make a noisy call, so after wearing this hat, perhaps the adventurer will become more fierce!

Mask of Darkness Blueprint [Blueprint]
A helmet that hides a half face to hide the identity. The equipment suitable for the Demon King.

Masquerade Blueprint [Blueprint]
The glasses in the shape of butterflies will bring a magical feeling when they are put on.

Maya Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Great cooling function! It fits to wear in summer!

Maya Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
Wearing this mask, you can’t help but want to find a transformable belt and shout “transform!” with an embarrassing posture.

Melon Cat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Mosquito-repellent incense drifted in the summer night, while wind chimes rang by the night wind. Watermelon is children's favorite at this time.

Mini Propeller Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hairband that makes you feel you're flying in the sky when wearing it.

Minorous Horn Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headdress made according to the Minorous Horn. It's easier to get excited when seeing red stuff after wearing it.

Minstrel's Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
“Friend, please pay your respects to my hat, for I am a noble Minstrel.” --A new minstrel who was mistaken for a pirate.

Monocle Blueprint [Blueprint]
The glass, which can only cover one eye, is mostly regarded as a fashionable accessory in terms of its practicality.

Moon Knight Helmet Blueprint [Blueprint]
Guardians of the Dark Moon Magic Order are known as the Moon Knights. Once a Moon Knight puts on this helmet blessed with the Moon's Charm, he will have the tender moonlight on him wherever he is.

Moon Light Blueprint [Blueprint]
[Moonlight as the paddle, lotus flower as the boat. Pierrot started his tailwind journey to the south. The running water sang a deep tune, swayed the small boat. Moonlight as the paddle, lotus flower as the boat. Go back to Bergamo, go back to hometown, Pierrot started the homeward journey. There wa

Mooncake Blueprint [Blueprint]
The moon in lunar August 15th is the biggest and the most round in a year. It is said that the wishes made in front of the mid-autumn moon can be realized.

Moonlight Flower Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat made according to Moonlight Flower.

Morpheus's Hood [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headscarf that sealed with the real power of Morpheus. It seems to require several items to break the seal.

Morrigane's Helm [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headwear that can prove to be the head among the goddesses. It fully shows the impression of the woman's grey radiance.

Mr. Scream Blueprint [Blueprint]
A very weird-looking mask. It looks terrible. It's used for playing tricks.

Munak Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat worn by the monster Munak. The hat bears an unknown spell and a long braid.

Musketeer Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat that carved warrior's determination, "all for one, one for all".

Naughty Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
The mask of a naughty face used when children are playing around.

Necktie [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
It turns into a reception suit if the necktie matches blush.

Necromancy Candle [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
A candle from the head of a Tomb Zombie. It burns with an ominous blue flame. It’s said that strange things will come to anyone who wears it on their head...

Night Aira Blueprint [Blueprint]
"Hencse~Hencse~ Oh, where's the little guy? I asked him to reorganize the music score books, but he didn't make a move! I'm so damn furious!" "Hencse, how many times did I tell you not to mess around with the stupid musician? Damn~ Are you listening to me! There's no market for the music score calle

Nine Tail Blueprint [Blueprint]
Though it is a fake tail, it is enchanting after putting it on.

No Burning Blueprint [Blueprint]
Ever since the kitchen got on fire last time, Hollgrehenn has been wearing a sad face. Until the invention of this item called Fire Extinguisher!

Nose Ring Blueprint [Blueprint]
The cattle's nose is pierced so that the owner can lead it conveniently. Can be purchased from the collectors.

Novice Eggshell Blueprint [Blueprint]
Very hard eggshell used to wear on the head as a decoration.

Novice Poring Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat designed based on the look of the very popular monster Poring. The material is certainly not stuffy rubber!

Nurse Cap Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat worn by nurses who takes care of the patients in place of doctors.

Nut on Head Blueprint [Blueprint]
Put on it, and you're a scientific monster, too!

Nut Shell Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat made by half of the hard fruit. Surprisingly, it will provide strong Def.

Observer Blueprint [Blueprint]
Equipment made by a mysterious group to detect other's power. The figure is 5 when you test common people.

Orb Doll Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
The Orb Ultraman lying on head. Facing the evil, you should dare to say, "No!"

Orc Helm Blueprint [Blueprint]
Orc's helmet. The style of the Orc's headwear is quite primitive.

Orc Lord Helm [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Orc lord will put the helmet on for battles to show the determination as a tribe leader of the orc.

Oxygen Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
It has the same name of the oxygen mask used in water, but please note that the function is different.

Pagdayaw [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Helmet made of several combined rings with different attributes. Gorgeous and dignified.

Panda Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Panda-like hat. You will find yourself eating bamboo leaves when you wear it. It's very cute and popular among women.

Parcel Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Item commonly used by mid middle-aged women when they carry around stuffs. The plenty use of watermark patterns is its feature.

Parrot Feather Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown elaborately crafted based on a parrot's stretched out wings. The gem inlaid in the middle has the same color with the parrot's eyes.

Parrot Hairpin Blueprint [Blueprint]
Miraculous Headwear made from parrot feathers. The yellow part is warm while the blue cool.

Party Recruiter Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat that resembles a billboard that writes recruit info of team member. Everyone works hard to upgrade the level!

Pegasus Wing Ears [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Accessory made of Pegasus Wing feathers of Valkyrie Randgris. The wearer will become lighter according to the ability.

Petite's Tail Blueprint [Blueprint]
The accessory imitating Petite's Tail. Being dyed purple without reasons.

Piglet Doll Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
A mini pig that always sits on the head of the adventurer. Cute and lovable. The four-leaf clover on the head is a lucky symbol. Be careful not to let it blow away in the wind!

Pipe Blueprint [Blueprint]
Cigarettes can be put into the pipe, because there is a filter on it, which can reduce the harm to the body. Smoking is harmful to the health of the human body, and the juveniles are prohibited from smoking.

Pirate Bandana [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Patterns symbolizes pirate skulls. It bestows the Valor Str for people wearing this headscarf.

Pirate Flag [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Black skull flag used by pirates.

Pisces Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that symbolizes Pisces, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with turquoise.

Pisces Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem that symbolizes Pisces, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with turquoise.

Planet Fall Blueprint [Blueprint]
I'll pick the moon for you. And the sun. Anything you want I'll get for you. I'll pick stars for you. And anything you want.

Pointer Headwear Blueprint [Blueprint]
Arrow tip made of magnets. It shows the direction.

Poker Face Blueprint [Blueprint]
The eyes and the mouth are the same, As if the facial expression is out of the world. When you hear cold jokes without anticipation, you can try to wear it.

Poo Poo Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
It's not polite to call it as animal's crap. So it's referred as excrement.

Poring Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat designed based on the look of the very popular monster Poring. The material is certainly not stuffy rubber!

Portable Deviruchi Blueprint [Blueprint]
Every time the adventurer wants to get up, the little guy reminds the adventurer to sleep for ten more minutes. Well, it might be the wrong choice to take it along.

Power Of Thor Blueprint [Blueprint]
Win-style accessory that condenses the wind power.

Pretend Murdered Blueprint [Blueprint]
Stage-prop helmet. It will scare people when you wear it in ordinary days.

Promise Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
The full moon is shining above the sakura tree and the perfect gem refracts a unique brilliance. People with a heart full of expectations have finally arrived as promised. Put on the crown and seal the deal under the moonlight.

Psychic Headwear Blueprint [Blueprint]
Invisible spirits, hovering spirits. Please respond to my call in your own way. I know that you are here, right next to me.

Puffer Fish Blueprint [Blueprint]
Boss Puffer is the continent's most famous Japanese Cuisine Master Chef. People who tasted his food lose interest on other food instantly. But, remember, do not mention blowfish sashimi in front of him, otherwise ......

Puppy Headband Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat made according to the look of cute dog ears. It gives a cute and pure visual effect.

Pure White Spire blueprint [Blueprint]
Legend has it that a stubborn warlock devoted his entire life to studying the secret of the White Prison spell. After his death, that secret has been kept in this hat.

Queen's Hair Ornament Blueprint [Blueprint]
Ancient queen's hair decoration. Designed with unspeakable authority, it's very gorgeous.

Quiver Blueprint [Blueprint]
Quiver carried on the back. It is recommended to be used with the bow and arrow.

Quve Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
A mask dropped by a Quve. You could say it’s a must-have item for a masquerade!

Raccoon Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat made for people who want to become Smokie. The creator is unknown, but it's surprisingly popular, Especially among male.

Rain Cloud [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Cloud that rains thunder shower.

Rainbow Goggles Blueprint [Blueprint]
Put on the colorful protection goggles and enjoy the Songkran Festival!

Rainbow Peco Peco Hairband Blueprint [Blueprint]
Helmet that makes you feel the wings of Peco Peco are attached to your body. It can move as fast as Peco Peco.

Ramen Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Ramen on the head. Eat it when you're hungry!

Raven Headwear [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Wear it and the Scarecrows will see you as a friend. They might even share their stories with you.

Red Bandana Blueprint [Blueprint]
A sun-proof and heat-proof headscarf made of airy materials.

Red Ribbon [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hairband used by a witch that loves nature. She made a big and red hair band.

Red Seal Blueprint [Blueprint]
A treasure exclusively for the chief of guards of the Crimson Clan, one of the two guardian clans of Mundilfari the God of Time. Its magic climaxes when the sun rises.

Red Stamp Blueprint [Blueprint]
A treasure exclusively for the chief of sacrifices of the Crimson Clan, one of the two guardian clans of Mundilfari the God of Time. Its magic climaxes when the sun sets.

Red Wheel Blueprint [Blueprint]
A treasure exclusively for the head of the Crimson Clan, one of the two guardian clans of Mundifari the God of Time. Its magic climaxes at noon.

Refreshing Sunshade Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
A stylish hat for the summer. You feel cooler just looking at it. “How about it, do you know who you want to go to the seaside with?”

Renown Detective's Cap [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
It's said to be the favorite hat of the famous inspector Holmes. It fits well with the pipe.

Ribbon [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Butterfly hairband made of strips of cloth, mainly made for women.

RJC Katusa Flower [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hairband made of camellia.

Romance Origami Blueprint [Blueprint]
Oh the wondering, the shyness and the tension of making love letter origami ! !

Romantic Flower Blueprint [Blueprint]
Keep small flowers and leaves in the mouth will make people feel happy and romantic.

Romantic Gent Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat mainly worn by elders. It reminds people of the happy time in their adolescence.

Romantic Leaf Blueprint [Blueprint]
Romantic Leaf. When keep them in the mouths, you can feel the sense of wind and roaming.

Rooster Bandana Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headdress made of special materials and techniques only available in the year of Rooster. It's really priceless.

Rune Circlet [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown made according to the dress style of Rune Knight with rune magic power.

Safety Helmet Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat worn to protect incidents during construction. The round shape makes the head to receive the minimum damage when having an impact. It won't break for sure.

Sagittarius Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that symbolizes Sagittarius, the ninth of the twelve zodiacal signs, That is inlaid with the so-called birthstone, Zircon.

Sagittarius Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem that symbolizes Sagittarius, the ninth of the twelve zodiacal signs, That is inlaid with the so-called birthstone, Zircon.

Saint Cross Angel blueprint [Blueprint]
The forward angel wings represent freedom while the reverse ones protection. This hat apparently falls in the latter. It can protect the wearer from devils' harm

Sakkat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Straw hat made of reed, which mainly has sun-proof and rain-proof effects.

Sakura Wedding Blueprints [Blueprint]
Headdress specially produced in Sakura City that only married couples can wear. This is an accessory that has been blessed by 8 million gods.

Santa Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Love happens in the snow season of RO, and the beautiful Christmas season. It's a memorial.

Savage Babe Balloon Blueprint [Blueprint]
The cute balloons in the shape of Savage are welcomed by many adventurers.

Scholar's Head Mirror [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Glasses and a hat made together. Now you never need to worry about losing your glasses! I’m such a genius! ... Wait, where did my hat go?

Scorpio Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that symbolizes Scorpio, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with topaz.

Scorpio Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem that symbolizes Scorpio, the eighth of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with topaz.

Secret of the Golden Apple Blueprint [Blueprint]
Legend has it that there is a tradition on a god wedding that arrows are fired at the golden apple on the Tree of Yggdrasil to bless the marriage with happiness and harmony... Humans probably can't figure out why.

Sheila Hairnet Blueprint [Blueprint]
It's a hairband specially made for you to capture your sexual appeal. Men will change their attitude when you wear it.

Shimmering Headwear [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Put it on and whenever you have a good idea, your brain will go “bingo”.

Shy Shark Blueprint [Blueprint]
“I’m just shy~ so~ stick out your neck~ I’ll give you a bite, okay~?”

Silver Tiara Blueprint [Blueprint]
Head accessory that shines grey radiance with stars in the middle.

Singing Bird Blueprint [Blueprint]
A small bird that sings happily in the tree.

Skeleton Helm [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Head protector made of dragon's bones. It's very hard that cannot get broken easily.

Skull Hood [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Black hat with skulls as decoration. The skull's eyes will shine with red light during emergencies.

Sky Guard Helmet [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
helm belong to the Juno guards of highest ranking, its shining golden light will purge all crime.

Small Ribbons [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
A pair of hair bands with the focus of color red, which makes girls look cuter.

Smile Goblin Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
The mask worn by the goblin is drawn with the image of a weird smile.

Smile Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
Smile Mask Put on it and give the world a smile.

Smithing Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
The Blacksmith Handbook Chapter 3 Unit 1: A professional mask must be worn during iron forging to protect the eyes from splashing sparkles.

Smokie Leaf Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headdress made according to the leaves used by Smokie during its transformation.

Spashire's Whisper Blueprint [Blueprint]
As a mystery of one of the three great alchemists in the ancient times, his life stories have long been a taboo among people, and is propagated strictly as a heresy by the church. But who really knows the truth behind it.

Sphinx Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat from a distant country. It symbolizes the highest power of sun, and is harder than your imagination.

Spiked Scarf Blueprint [Blueprint]
The masks with iron nails are mostly loved by the frenzied ones.

Spiky Band Blueprint [Blueprint]
Headdress with sharp horns on it.

Spore Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Highly recommenced hat if someone wants to become a spore monster. It will turn you into a spore once you wear it!

Spotted Wolfear blueprint [Blueprint]
Headwear made from the Desert Wolf's fur. The wearer is able to hear the slightest noise, perfect for reconnaissance.

Spring Blueprint [Blueprint]
The cold moon looks like a silver emblem hanging in the silentium sky. The stopped clothes function again. With a metal plate in her hand, the girl found a haven and protector from the world that pushed her out. -----------[Kafra Fairy Tale·Volume 4, Chapter 37: The Big Clock and The Girl]

Sprint Goblin Blueprints [Blueprint]
Speed, passion, and intensity! If you're not sprinting, you're not going fast enough! The light of spring covers the earth... The adventures of the Goblins never end!

Starry Night Butterfly Band Blueprint [Blueprint]
In a starry night, this hair band will turn into a black butterfly and fly away. The next morning, it will return to its owner's shoulder and turn back into a black hair band.

Steam Goblin Bag Blueprint [Blueprint]
The clockwork spring is winding around the spring box. The main transmission gear is in circular shape. After being ignited, the machine will make a loud mechanical sound which is very upbeat! That's the technology! We're so proud!

Stellar Blueprint [Blueprint]
Stellar. It shines beautifully.

Sting hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
A wet mud hat made according to the look of Sting. It didn't take the wearer's feelings into consideration.

Stone Heart [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
A stone heart statue. Don't think about powering it on to restore HP.

Stop Post Blueprint [Blueprint]
A sign plate that writes STOP.

Strange Goblin Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
The mask worn by the goblin is very weird.

Strouf Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Split the Strouf’s Crown into 3 parts and you have 3 Strouf’s Crowns.

Succubus Horn Blueprint [Blueprint]
Succubus horn that looks like girls. Looking at the upward horn, You will an unknown power.

Sunday Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hat that brings happiness when you put it on.

Sunflower Lollipop Blueprint [Blueprint]
Lollipop, which made from the seeds of Geographer, does not look delicious, but you will get addicted once you eat it!

Sunglasses Blueprint [Blueprint]
Black glasses can be used to block the sun or as fashionable accessories.

Super Strong Mosquito Coil Blueprint [Blueprint]
Normal mosquito coils only kill mosquitoes, but this one can kill even humans. Nobody has ever dared light it.

Surprised Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
The mask with the eyes wide open. If you are frightened, try to wear it.

Sweet Gent Blueprint [Blueprint]
Modern hat worn by gentlemen. The look is decent and elegant.

Sweet Memory of Marriage Blueprint [Blueprint]
[No matter how hard the future may become], [I will continue to guard you], [Like pure and beautiful roses], [this is the poem of my love for you].

Swim Goggles Blueprint [Blueprint]
Glass lenses for swimming in order to protect your eyes.

Taurus Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that symbolizes Taurus, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with emerald.

Taurus Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem that symbolizes Taurus, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with emerald.

The Blue Izlude Sea Blueprint [Blueprint]
The log book ended with, "When the moon fell into the velvet ocean for the 51st time, we finally saw lights onshore. Both Conwest and Moorelun had tears of excitement in their eyes. The only other time I saw the latter cry was on father's funeral. We took out the hand paddles in silent and began hum

Thick Lips Blueprint [Blueprint]
The mouth make-up prop used by folklorists in order to be part of the Dokebi.

Thunderstorm Cloud Blueprint [Blueprint]
Be careful not to be hit by the thunder dropped from the black cloud.

Tiara [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Female accessories with diamonds. Casting spells will make the head much more sober.

Tiger Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
Rumor has it that if innocent people wear this mask, they can also become soldiers.

Time Observation Blueprint [Blueprint]
The glasses used by the time master Talwar are able to see the passage of time and see the shape of life at different times. Don't indulge in it, otherwise you will lose the concept of time!

Transparent Head Protector [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
A round dome that protects the head. It's made of magic materials and allows the wearer to breathe, unlike one made of other materials.

Transparent Wing Blueprint [Blueprint]
Faith of countless people materialized into these wings. They are invisible to the faithless~

Truancy Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
“Yo, do you want to do something big with us? Join the Truancy Club! " Designed by Truancy Club President Kaka. But be careful, it was cursed by Dommy with dark magic.

Turban Blueprint [Blueprint]
Round hat. It makes users look cuter.

Turkey Grr Blueprint [Blueprint]
A decoration made of turkey feathers will have a gradual color when heated, giving off dazzling brilliance.

Twilight Captain Cap Drawing [Blueprint]
The hat of Sage Siren, it's been said that only the warrior can wear it.

Twisted Candy Bag Blueprint [Blueprint]
The candy in the bag jumps around as it yells and whines. The residents of the Town of the Dead used to call it “jumping candy”... Wait, do they have some misunderstanding about jumping candy?!

Ulle's Cap [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Wool hat used by God of Hunting, Wooler. It seems quite easy to catch any animals in the field by wearing this hat.

Umbrella Hat Blueprint [Blueprint]
Umbrella-shape headdress that prevents wind and rain for you. It can detect raining automatically. Don't forget to take it out when you take a shower.

Unicorn Helmet Blueprint [Blueprint]
Unicorn is a divine animal believed to bring good fortune. A helmet made with its horn and mane certainly can bring great luck to the wearer!

Unicorn Horn Blueprint [Blueprint]
Pure white horn. The back tip is rather round than sharp.

Unit-05 Helmet Blueprint [Blueprint]
"Happiness doesn't walk to me, because I'm walking to itOne day, one step. Three steps in three days..." -Mari Makinami Illustrious

Valkyrie Helm [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
"Battle Girl's" Helmet that served Odin. It represents the gorgeous decoration of flying wings. Show the hidden Str when you gather all the groups of Valkyrie Randgris.

Vane Hairpin [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
The childhood feelings of chasing after kites are still vivid. Although we cannot go back, we can continue to be playful children at least.

Vientiane Moon Plate Blueprint [Blueprint]
"The board of moon phases that conceals all the laws in this world, please grant me courage to face the past. When that night's moonlight shines upon my face again, I hope I'll make the right choice for this transmigration." -- A time traveller

Vimalacitra Horn blueprint [Blueprint]
Red horn made based on the ancient Shura - Vimalacitra's appearance. Wear it and you can feel the ancient Shura's scorching hot soul.

Virgo Crown Blueprint [Blueprint]
Crown that symbolizes Virgo, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with sapphire.

Virgo Diadem [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Diadem that symbolizes Virgo, one of the twelve zodiacal signs. It's inlaid with sapphire.

Wagtail Crest[1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
A crown made of Harpy's feathers on the inside of his wing. Legend says that, having worn it for a long time, people's hair could drift backward in a windless environment.

Wedding Veil Blueprint [Blueprint]
Bridal veil only for girls at wedding.

Wendy Blueprint [Blueprint]
Wendy understands that it should keep looking at Ashe. Ashe understands that Wendy will keep looking at her. Even if behind Wendy there is not just a pair of eyes, As long as he is there, she will feel warm.

Western Grace Blueprint [Blueprint]
Western style hat worn by the west cowboys.

Whimpering Fire Bird Blueprint [Blueprint]
An Adult Fire Bird howls and the world vibrates. The Fire Fledgling, however, only chirps and no one knows what they went through during the process of growing up.

Whisper Mask Blueprint [Blueprint]
A mask that imitates the Whisper. Just like using a mask made of Whisper. Whether it is good for the skin is unknown.

Whispers of Wind [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Sacrifice hat made of feathers that have the power of elemental elf.

White Knight Helm [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Before the Lord of Death went mad, he was once a member of the Glast Heim Knights. One can almost see his brilliant past from this white knight helmet. People change, don’t they?

Wings of Dawn Blueprint [Blueprint]
Golden light is reflected from the wings of justice under the sun. A token of honor and a brave heart with absolute sincerity singing a ballad about the sky.

Winner Winner Barrel Blueprint [Blueprint]
It is a proof of courage to eat a whole Winner Winner Barrel. Dear adventurer, put it on!

Winner Winner Barrel★Blueprint [Blueprint]
Hey, only true warriors can carry the weight of it! (At first glance it looks like the regular bucket... You’ll know when you start walking!)

Wizard Hat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Mysterious hat that increase the number of magic Casting when you wear it.

Yellow Dancer’s Ribbon [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
An exotic hand-made hair band. Wearing it will certainly attract a lot of attention.

Yellow Drooping Cat [1] Blueprint [Blueprint]
Doll that can put on the head to carry around. You will hear cat's sound and feel there's a cat moving on your head. But it's just imagination.

Yoyo Tail Blueprint [Blueprint]
Monster Yoyo's tail Can be purchased from the collectors.

Zealous Rhino Blueprint [Blueprint]
All adventurers who use this hairpin have the same problem. When they wear this for a long time, the forehead gets hot.

Zongzi Babe Blueprint [Blueprint]
The soft sticky rice ball is wrapped in leaves and exudes a sweet fragrance of glutinous rice... “Wait, wait! No eating!”

Zorro Masque Blueprint [Blueprint]
During the period when opera was popular, this kind of glasses were once very welcomed. Even now it is considered to be very fashionable to wear it on the street.